Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

IRC stands for “Internet Relay Chat”. It's a chat protocol used extensively at W3C.

The CSSWG's channels aren't particularly busy except during meetings or events, but they're a critical part of our communication tools. You're most likely to run into people during West Coast daytime / Europe evenings.

Server Info

The main CSSWG channel is used by the CSS Working Group members during meetings and for quick coordination during off-hours. Topic is anything we work on. (Help with using CSS is off-topic.)

6679 (or 80 if 6665 is blocked on your end)

We also have a channel dedicated to CSS conformance testing. Here's the information you'll need:

6679 (or 80 if 6665 is blocked on your end)

IRC Clients

You'll need an IRC client. Opera has one built-in. Mozilla has “Chatzilla”, which is part of Seamonkey and available as an add-on for Firefox. Pidgin and Trillian can also do IRC. There's a web interface to IRC called Mibbit (type '' as the server name). And there are various stand-alone programs you can download.

IRC Commands

IRC commands are prefixed with a slash. (Any other text you type into a channel gets posted as a message to the channel.) Some basic commands:

/nick gabriele
change your IRC nick to gabriele
/join #css-test
join the #css-test channel
/query fantasai
start a private chat with fantasai
/me waves hi
speak in the third person
/away sleep
set your away message to “sleep”
remove your away message
/whois fantasai
see information about user fantasai including idle time and away msg (if any)


The main CSSWG channel is archived by day at:

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