The CSSWG uses some tools to make our jobs easier. Here they are!

Meeting Tools

Tools particularly useful during (f2f or telcon) meetings:

  • This DokuWiki (obviously)
    • To create an account, register on Shepherd.
    • To get that account permission to edit group pages, email plinss and/or fantasai
  • We use the W3C's IRC server for backchannel communication and for minuting during meetings
  • Excalidraw and W3C Etherpad in case you need a virtual whiteboard during a meeting.
  • iCal Feed contains our meeting times. (Ask Peter Linss if you need permissions to edit this calendar.) This is perhaps semi-obsolete since the chairs now have the ability to add events to your W3C Calendar, but it's still somewhat maintained.
  • Interop Browser Data Provides crawler data from Chrome/Microsoft Edge about CSS properties, values and top sites utilized

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