CSS Test: Image Orientation - Default Value is '0deg'


Melinda Grant, 2008/07/22 16:03

This test doesn't seem to match its assertion. The class 'flip' doesn't seem to be adding anything.

Tom Clancy, 2008/07/24 08:19

Removed the 'flip' class. This was originally one test, split into 3 on Elika's advice:

“Test 002 is really two tests, one for 'auto' and one for '180deg'; I'd split it into two files. I'd also throw in a test for 450deg.”

Keep or remove?

Melinda Grant, 2008/08/28 15:13

Hmmm, I don't follow Elika's comments, relative to an assertion that the initial value is 0deg.

I think you need to do one image with no 'image-orientation' property (like you have for -a), then add the same image where 'image-orientation' has been set to '0', and declare that they are the same. Then throw in another image with a different 'image-orientation' to show that a different value produces a different effect.

I would modify -a and lose -b and -c. I assume there's another test that tests 90deg, 180deg, 270deg, and a modulo. If not, we should add one.

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