CSS 2.1 Test Suite

The CSS2.1 Conformance Test Suite tests conformance to the CSS2.1 specification. It is currently in the earlier stages of development, and is very incomplete. Additionally, some tests may be invalid due to changes in the spec. The latest version is available on the W3C website. The source files are available on the repository website. Anonymous read-only Mercurial access is available to this repository. Note that many of the tests rely on the Ahem font.

Discussion about the CSS2.1 Test Suite takes place on the publicly-archived public-css-testsuite@w3.org mailing list.

CSS 2.1 Errata

Below are the tests that correspond to sections changed and included in the CSS 2.1 Errata. These test should be reviewed for impact from the changes and clarifications. Existing test cases may be modified and adapted to the new spec language or new tests may be created where there is lack of coverage.

Note: Shepherd queries marked with [F] are filtered within the tests for that spec section to make them more relevant to the descriptions on the errata. Queries without the [F] label are results for the entire set of tests for that spec section.

Erratum Type Section Proposed By Existing Tests Test Owners Comments
s.6.2.1 change 6.2.1 The 'inherit' value Tab & Elika Set 1: 3 [F]
Set 2: 2 [F]
gtalbot, bzbarsky Both of these sets need to be re-reviewed
and re-approved. See Gerard's recommendations.
s.6.1.1 clarification 6.1.1 Specified values Tab & Elika Same as above
8.3.1 Collapsing margins
10.7 Minimum and maximum heights: 'min-height' and 'max-height'
Anton 22 [F] fantasai, gtalbot, arronei Need review for impact of change
s.15.3a clarification 15.3 Font family: the 'font-family' property Tab & Elika 1 [F] gtalbot Gerard advises that this the only test that
needs to be reviewed for this erratum.
s.4.3.1 change 4.3.1 Integers and real numbers Tab 1 [F] arronei May want to add a tests for “-” and possible
some tests for invalid cases with whitespace
between the sign and the num
s.10.1a change 10.1 Definition of containing block Bert Bos 13 [F] fantasai, arronei Need review for impact of change
s.9.4 change 9.4 Normal flow Anton 21 [F] fantasai, gtalbot, arronei Need review for impact of change
s.9.4.2 clarification 9.4.2 Inline formatting contexts Anton 33 fantasai, gtalbot, arronei Need review for impact of clarification
s.17.4a change 17.4 Tables in the visual formatting model Anton 47 fantasai, gtalbot, arronei Need review for impact of change
s.17.5 change 17.5 Visual layout of table contents Anton 1 [F] arronei Test is still valid, needs to be modified to
reflect the change - or a new test can be added
s. Proposed change Fixed table layout Gérard Talbot 52 [F] gtalbot 52 'table-layout: fixed' tests whose creations were triggered by [css21] Section should be clarified Special attention should be given to [CSS21] Overconstrained fixed table layout (fixed-table-layout-003e08 , fixed-table-layout-003e10 and fixed-table-layout-003e12 tests)
s.11.1.1a change 11.1.1 Overflow: the 'overflow' property Anton 15 [F] arronei Need review for impact of change.
4.1.1 Tokenization
G.2 Lexical scanner
Tab 0 Needs a test
4.1.1 Tokenization
4.1.3 Characters and case
Tab 0 Needs tests for valid and invalid cases
s4.4 change 4.4 CSS style sheet representation Henri Sivonen 29 [F] fantasai, arronei Need review for impact of change
s.11.1.1b change 11.1.1 Overflow: the 'overflow' property Anton 10 [F] arronei Need review for impact of change.
Note: The query results for are a subset
of the results for s.11.1.1a above
s.15.3b clarification 15.3 Font family: the 'font-family' property John Daggett 0 No tests needed
s.G.1a change G.1 Grammar ? 0 Needs tests
s.10.5a change 10.5 Content height: the 'height' property fantasai 20 [F] fantasai, gtalbot, arronei, megra Need review for impact of change
Total 220

CSS 2.1 Test Suite v2.0

Release Date: TBD

The CSS 2.1 Conformance Test Suite should be refreshed and be re-released to address all of the changes since the last official 1.0 release. The criteria for releasing this new suite is to correct or fix all of the tests that are producing incorrect results in any way. These tests have been reviewed, are flagged with [NeedsWork=Precision] and/or [NeedsWork=Incorrect] in Shepherd. Additionally, before releasing the suite, the tests that have been flagged as Rejected should be revisited and Retracted accordingly.

Here are the current set of issues that need attention in order to fulfill the release criteria:

CSS 2.1 Test Suite v1.0

12/4/2012 Note: The information below pertains to efforts prior to the 2.0 Test Suite planning and may not be current. The current set of issues is listed above

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