CSS Test: Vertical-align affects layout of margin boxes


fantasai, 2008/06/28 12:44

This is a good test, just a couple improvements I suggest:

  1. Set color: blue in the @page rule and remove the black from the border statements. According to the guidelines, blue means “read instructions carefully”, which applies here. :) http://www.w3.org/Style/CSS/Test/guidelines.html#color
  2. You need to set margin: auto on the margin boxes, otherwise they might not keep the size you gave them due to the layout being overconstrained.
  3. Put all the instructions about the boxes before the instructions for their content, so they're not split up like that. You can also assert that they are all the same height.
  4. I suggest adding “aligned to the top”, “vertically centered', and “aligned to the bottom” to the instructions and making the comments about higher/lower than other words into parentheticals. This gives the tester a clear idea of what effect they're looking for along with a way to check that it's correctly implemented.
Tom Clancy, 2008/07/17 04:37

Done. Thanks for the help.

Melinda Grant, 2008/08/28 13:18

Looks good.

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