CSS Test: Page Size - size property


Melinda Grant, 2008/07/29 20:13

The assertion says “The 'size' value only applies to the page context.”, but 'size' appears nowhere in the source.

I suspect there's something missing…? ;-)

Tom Clancy, 2008/07/30 06:52

Whoops. Fixed.

Melinda Grant, 2008/07/30 18:35

This has some problems as written. You'd need to zero out the html and body margin and padding to lose the red showing at the top. My reading of Section 9.7 says that the float shouldn't work (although it seems to in some browsers). And I don't know why setting the position of the p to absolute causes the borders to disappear (it doesn't in the print implementations).

So let's simplify this: draw a line three inches long with a div border, then assert in a 'p' that the paragraph is wider than the line. Something like: <style type=“text/css”>

div {
         width: 3in;
         border-bottom: medium solid black;
         size: 8in 4in;
  p {
          size: 3in;
  span {
          color: gray;

} </style> </head> <body>

<p>This content should stretch across the page, extending beyond the line above. <span>Dummy text dummy text dummy text dummy text dummy text dummy text dummy text dummy text dummy text..</span> </p>


Would that approach miss something we need to prove?

Tom Clancy, 2008/07/31 07:12

Don't think so. Changed the test over to match.

Melinda Grant, 2008/08/04 15:26

Let's change the div width and the p 'size' to 2in; the current 3in doesn't work for 4x6in media. (I realized this as soon as I hit the 'Save' button on the first review, but one disadvantage of the wiki approach is that it's not at all easy to add to previous comments – lost in a sea of 'NeedsWork' items. :-/ )

Tom Clancy, 2008/08/05 09:04


Melinda Grant, 2008/08/05 16:43

Looks good.

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