CSS Test: Creating margin boxes with 'content'


Melinda Grant, 2008/08/27 18:31

In the assertion, s/normal/none/.

Since there's no companion assertion stating the negative (that boxes without 'content' don't generate an mbox), we need to test that here as well. You've got a good start on that, but let's add some additional properties to various other boxes to show that they don't make the boxes appear. If it's not too onerous, include all the properties allowed in margin boxes, scattering them around the boxes that won't appear. Include 'width' and 'height', but don't put them in the same box. We'll test that separately, since I think the spec's going to change on that.

Right now top-center and top-left-corner are contiguous so the output shows one box, not two. Put the 'content: ””' case at the bottom or on the side so it will be clear there are two green boxes on the page.

And lighten up the green so that the text is readable.

Tom Clancy, 2008/09/25 11:59


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