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Tom Clancy, 2008/11/21 08:16, 2008/11/21 08:23

This is another one that doesn't look right to me in Prince. I feel it works as a test regardless of the user agent's rendering of the black box, but I was expecting the black box to continue from page one to page two instead of rendering the content in two separate boxes. Am I correct or is Prince? Or should I just drop the black border?

Melinda Grant, 2008/12/30 18:30

Yes, this is a bug in Prince.

I think this design could work for css3, but we need to test this for 2.1 as well. So I think we need a redesign that doesn't rely on the page margin or headers.

Lose the page border and change the description on the first page to: “This test requires two pages. This paragraph must have a black border on its top and sides, but there must be no bottom border.” And on page two: “This paragraph must have side and bottom borders, but no top border.”

Add a 2.1 help link.

As is, most UA's are failing because they generate 3 pages. I think this is because of the forced page break after the second p. I want to capture this issue as a separate assertion and test case, but let's avoid the inadvertent failures here: change the second p to not force a break after.

Tom Clancy, 2009/01/19 06:19, 2009/01/19 06:19

Updated– please double-check my choice of help link to make sure it's pointed at the most relevant section.

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