CSS Test: allowed page break margin handling (table rows)


Tom Clancy, 2008/11/14 12:17, 2008/11/14 12:17

The last table in this test isn't working as described in Prince, but I can't tell if that's me or Prince: no matter what I apply orphans and widows restrictions to, it refuses to break until the last row.

Melinda Grant, 2009/01/02 17:57

Use a unique assertion. What is it you're trying to prove?

This one needs a 'may' flag, since supporting page breaking props on tables isn't required.

Lose the page contexts so that the build headers can be applied. Add the number of pages of output expected to the description on the first page.

Lose the line-height.

Add a css3 help link.

Semantics of widows and orphans wrt tables isn't yet defined, so that's probably why you're not seeing what you expect with Prince. Need to revisit your design there.

We need another test that shows simply that a table breaks across pages without loss of content or obviously wrong formatting, whether between rows or line boxes (I'd try to prove both, maybe by setting tr height so that a row ends just above the page padding area in one case, and using a big tr with lots of line boxes that needs to break across pages in another case.)

Tom Clancy, 2009/01/30 14:08

Updated and will create another test.

Tom Clancy, 2009/01/30 14:27

Added 224. I hope I caught some of what you wanted.

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