CSS Test: Adjustments to fit content to page must obey guidelines (letter-sized)


Melinda Grant, 2008/11/05 19:36

Need a more specific assertion here. It's not clear to me what you're trying to prove.

Melinda Grant, 2008/11/06 18:29, 2008/11/06 18:29

Change the assertion to “The UA behaves reasonably when content is positioned outside the page box.” (We're just trying to prove it doesn't cause the UA to choke.)

We in general expect that these boxes off to the right will be clipped. So take the text you have in the offset boxes and put it in p's that *will* appear on the page. Then state that there may or may not be two boxes with borders appearing after the leading text. Put some dummy text in the boxes.

Tom Clancy, 2008/11/07 06:16

Updated. I added a green border around the page like -a (test 147) (and changed the borders around the offset content to blue) to ensure the page is properly printed regardless of whether the offset content appears.

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