CSS Test: Adjustments to fit content to page must obey guidelines (over-sized)


Melinda Grant, 2008/11/05 19:53

Trouble is, by the time you scale this output down by a factor of 10, it's completely unreadable. See Prince. Set the font size to something appropriate to an 85x110in page.

I think the assertion you want here is “If the specified page size is larger than the available media, the UA should scale the page down to fit the available media.”

Add the 'should' flag.

Tom Clancy, 2008/11/06 12:07

Changed the font size to 2in, changed the assertion and added the flag.

Melinda Grant, 2008/11/06 18:51, 2008/11/06 19:15

OK, looks like we need to also set a bigger page margin as well (use % so it will scale), and the page headers the build will add won't be readable unless the big font is also spec'd in the page context.

Also the border-width should be spec'd in em's so it will scale. Hard to see as is. Add a page border and declare its presence (to show that the whole page fit). You could lose the div borders and the last two sentences in the first div.

Flags are just space-separated, no comma.

Tom Clancy, 2008/11/07 06:10


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