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Melinda Grant, 2008/09/23 15:58

Add a page margin to ensure the corner boxes are the same size. Lose the margin-top's, they don't help here. Use blue instead of green.

Because the margins are 0, the green lines collapse against each other as do the black lines, so there is no visible distance between green or black lines. Add 1/4in side margin to the corner boxes and declare that the lines are 1/4 apart. I'd use one color for the corner box borders (blue) and another for the center box borders (orange), and declare that: “The blue lines are 1/4 inch away from the orange lines. The blue and orange lines are equidistant from the left and right page edges. (You can verify that by folding the page in half lengthwise.)”

Tom Clancy, 2008/09/25 12:26

Ha, there was so much more wrong with this test than that. For starters, I was using the top-x-corner boxes instead of the proper boxes. And I hadn't given the boxes any content, so no lines were appearing at all. I've fixed those problems to bring the test in line with the other margin box tests in this vein (left, right, bottom tests for the edges). Do you want me to also make the additional changes you listed (1/4in margin, different colors, etc.)? If so, should those be replicated to the other tests?

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