Using named pages - block boxes with different page properties are split onto different pages


fantasai, 2008/06/27 23:09
  • The title is too long, it's more of a sentence than a title.
  • Don't use the 'size' property here: switching sizes is less likely to be supported than, say, margins. Using super-obvious page margins for the different pages (e.g. 50% on the left vs 50% on the right) would be better.
  • The assertion is very unclear. Maybe copy the one from the assertions list?
  • Don't use 'normal' in this test: it's a common CSS keyword, so I think we should use something more obviously made-up.
Tom Clancy, 2008/06/30 12:37


Melinda Grant, 2008/07/01 18:23

The title is still too long. How bout: 'Named pages: generating page breaks'.

Tom Clancy, 2008/07/03 06:52


Melinda Grant, 2008/07/07 18:35

The description of output is a bit fuzzy. (Which part of the paragraph is 50% from the edge? 50% of what?) Change to: “This paragraph must be entirely on the left (right) half of the page” rather than saying it must be 50% from the pertinent edge.

(Sorry I didn't catch this last time.)

Tom Clancy, 2008/07/17 05:11


Melinda Grant, 2008/08/13 15:23

Don't know if you missed my last comment or just didn't agree. If you really want to stay with the 50% terminology, you need to: 1. Zero the page padding so that the distance is really 50% of the page width 2. Change your assertion to be more accurate: “The left edge of this paragraph is 50% across the page width.” will work, but you'll need to right-align the content on the left side to be able to make an analogous statement.

Tom Clancy, 2008/08/29 07:52

Argh, the file just didn't get uploaded previously, so I've pushed it up there without making any of the changes in your last comment. Hopefully it is consistent with your 7/7 comment now.

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