Test Suite Build System

The CSS2.1 Test Suite's final format is generated from the XHTML 1.1 source files with a set of Python scripts. These can be found in the tools/ directory of the test suite repository.

Build Requirements

Build Instructions

  • To build all tests, run the tools/build.py script from the root of your test repository checkout.
  • To build only specific test suites, list their names as arguments to tools/build.py.
  • In both cases, the built test suite will be in dist/.

Write Access

If you want to hack the w3ctestlib, you'll need to request write access from Peter Linss peter.linss@hp.com.

The w3ctestlib/ folder is a subrepo. To write to it, add to tools/w3ctestlib/.hg/hgrc the following:

default-push = https://hg.csswg.org/dev/w3ctestlib

and make sure you commit and push first inside w3ctestlib (to update the subrepo), then above it in the test repository (to update the test repository's versioned link to the subrepo).

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