This page has been deprecated and is no longer being maintained.
For up to date information on contributing and authoring CSS Test suites, see:

Contributing to the CSS Test Suites

Anyone can contribute: here are the guidelines.

How to License Your Contribution

The test suite is licensed under both the W3C Test Suite License and the 3-clause BSD License.

To give us permission to distribute your contribution under these two licenses, you need to fill out W3C's license grant form (unless you or your company is a member of the CSS Working Group, in which case you're covered already).

How to Submit a New Test

First, send us permission to use the test as described above.

You can either submit tests into the test repository yourself (see below), or you can send it as a link or attachment to and ask someone else to submit it. If you are contributing tests for CSS2.1, you can also contact Gérard Talbot for assistance.

To obtain write access to the repository, log in to Shepherd and submit a request to modify assets on the Repository Access page. You will receive an email letting you know when access has been granted. We will set up a submission folder for you in the test repository. If you don't already have an account on Shepherd, you can register directly in Shepherd. Note that this wiki and Shepherd use the same accounts, so if you have an account here, you already have an account on Shepherd too.

To submit a test, simply add it to the submitted folder in your contributor directory and push your changes to It will show up in Shepherd, our test-tracking system. You can use the incoming folder in your contributor directory as scratch space. See How to use Mercurial.

Please make sure submissions follow the CSS2.1 Test Suite Guidelines and are in the proper format. New tests are subject to the review process. We may ask you to fix problems in your test and resubmit it before adding it to the test suite.

How to Report a Problem in the Test Suite

  • In most cases, you can file the problem directly in Shepherd.
  • If you believe the issue needs further discussion, if it affects a large number of tests, or the test suite in question is not loaded into Shepherd (e.g. Media Queries), post to describing the problem.

How to Contribute a Fix to an Existing Test

To contribute a fix to an existing test, send an email to with both

  • an explanation of the problem or a reference to a previous message explaining the problem
  • the precise changes necessary to fix the problem (preferably as a diff either against the Mercurial source copy or against the XHTML1.1 version)

Fixes to existing tests are also subject to the review process.

Other Ways to Contribute

  • You can review test submissions in Shepherd as they come in.
  • You can help fix test submissions in response to review comments.
  • You can convert self-describing tests into reftests by creating references for htem.
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