Ian Hickson's diabolical bidi-004

Test cases


This is a complex test involving the interaction of bidi, white space collapsing, borders, padding, and shrink-wrapping. UAs fail in various ways.

Failure by misplaced border and/or padding: Opera, Konqueror

Failure by failure to process end-of-line white space trimming /after/ bidi reordering: Firefox (failure type A), Opera (failure type A), Konqueror (failure type B)

Failure to shrink-wrap accurately: Firefox

Bidi embedding terminated at <br> as if it was the end of a block: WebKit (https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=23124)

[Test result analysis needed for IE]


Make it undefined in CSS2.1 whether white space stripping happens before or after bidi reordering. Leave definition intact for CSS3 Text. Split test.

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