Specification Issues and Planning

This section documents problems found in the CSS specs and working drafts. Problems documented here will be addressed by the editors, possibly after discussion in a CSS Working Group meeting, and will result in changes, corrections, clarifications, or no change.

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CR or LC

Awaiting implementations, test suites, or actively being revised per implementation experience. CR:

CRLC: (was in CR but sent back to LC per W3C process quirks)




This section outlines active possibilities for future specs or notes

out of date

dead, need to be turned into Notes

These specs are dead, with no plans to revive them, but they still show up in /TR space looking like real specs. They need to be republished as gravestone Notes.

Specification Reviews

CSSWG members' comments on related specs not published by our group.

Specification Editing

Coordination between specifications

Coordination between standards groups


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