Build System Planning

Build Script Problems and Missing Features

Major Issues

  • output structured directories?

| * Figure out how to build a cross 2.1 / 3 test suite that doesn't require hosting multiple copies on or has some other way of letting us identify common test results in the results system? | |

Tooling Issues

Changes to the build system should make its parts easier to use for other purposes, and to generally improve its usefulness to testers and test writers.

  • incremental builds
  • live copy of test suite
  • break-downable list of all filenames
  • search on test metadata
  • sync support files (and reftest supports)

Minor issues

Minor improvements that don't affect architecture.

  • generate HTML comments corresponding to requirements
  • have build scripts add title to rel=“help” links
  • add UTF-8 charset metatags to HTML files
  • build zip file
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