Build System Planning

Build Script Problems and Missing Features

Major Issues

  • output structured directories?
  • Figure out how to build a cross 2.1 / 3 test suite that doesn't require hosting multiple copies on or has some other way of letting us identify common test results in the results system?

Tooling Issues

Changes to the build system should make its parts easier to use for other purposes, and to generally improve its usefulness to testers and test writers.

  • incremental builds
  • live copy of test suite
  • break-downable list of all filenames
  • search on test metadata
  • sync support files (and reftest supports)

Minor issues

Minor improvements that don't affect architecture.

  • generate HTML comments corresponding to requirements
  • have build scripts add title to rel=“help” links
  • add UTF-8 charset metatags to HTML files
  • build zip file
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