This page is to record our policy for CSS module shortnames going forward and a plan for converting all existing shortnames to match this scheme. A shortname is used as the filename on /TR and and also as the [spec-code] in www-style discussions. The existing scheme was set up in the 20th century, before the concept of independently-levelling CSS modules was created.

Unversioned Names

Each module will have an unversioned shorname on /TR, which aliases to the latest level. This is identical to the module shortname, except without the number, e.g. css-transitions. (We already have this with /TR/selectors.)

Issue: Do we want to set this up on as well? As alias or redirect?

Issue: At what point in the process does the shortname move over to the next level?

  • Option A = CR
  • Option B = Snapshot acceptance
  • Option C = REC

Versioned Names

Each module will have a versioned shortname on /TR, for accessing a specific level of the module. Currently we use cssN-foo, but don't do this correctly for Level 1 modules like Flexbox.

Option A

Follow cssN-foo pattern. Fix Level 1 specs by

  • Republishing at css1-foo
  • Setting up a temporary redirect from css3-foo to css1-foo until the module reaches level 3.
  • Unsolicited feedback from several authors indicates that this pattern is confusing, because of the connection with general “CSS3” messaging.
Option B

Follow css-fooN pattern. Fix all specs by

  • Moving all specs to css-fooN
  • Setting up permanent redirects from css3-foo to css-fooN
  • This model is already used by Selectors, and several WebApps specs.
Option C

Slight variation on Option B: follow css-foo-N pattern. Fix all specs by

  • Moving all specs to css-foo-N
  • Setting up permanent redirects from css3-foo to css-foo-N
  • This might be more readable.
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