Property dependencies

This page lists the ways in which the computed value of one property depends on the computed value of another. This is important to track so that we can avoid creating circular dependencies.

Type-based Dependencies

Depended-on property Dependent property Reason
color every property taking <color> currentColor (css3-color), initial value of border (CSS21)
font-size every property taking <length> em units (CSS21)
font-size, font-family, font-size-adjust, font-kerning, font-stretch, font-style, font-variant-*, font-weight, font-feature-settings, font-variation-settings every property taking <length> ex units (CSS21), ch units (css-values-3), ic units (css-values-4), cap units (css-values-4)
line-height every property taking <length> lh units (css-values-4)
text-orientation, writing-mode every property taking <length> ch units (css-values-3)

Other Dependencies

Depended-on property Dependent property Reason
align-items, justify-items align-self, justify-self auto value
border-*-style border-*-width 'none' and 'hidden' (CSS21)
column-rule-style column-rule-width 'none' and 'hidden' (css3-columns)
display align-content, justify-content auto value
display box-suppress display:none makes box-suppress compute to discard
font-size line-height % units (CSS21)
direction, writing-mode, text-orientation ??? (some on element, some on parent) logical box properties (css3-logical-props)
direction text-align text-align: match-parent (css3-text)
line-height vertical-align % units (CSS21)
outline-style outline-width 'none' and 'hidden' (CSS21)
position float absolute/fixed position makes float:none (CSS21)
position, float display float/position make things block-like (CSS21)
position align-content, justify-content auto value
??? content content: normal (css3-content)
ruby-position, display writing-mode ruby-position: inter-character (css-ruby)
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