Media Queries Issues

This page is only preserved for historical interest. Current issues for Media Queries are tracked here:

Issue 1

RESOLVED. The draft addresses all of this now. You can use CSS escapes, however.

The syntax for media queries needs some clarification:

  • It should be made clear that media queries are split on “,” and then parsed.
  • It should be made clear that media=“ ” is valid and that media=“all, ” is not.
  • It should be made clear where whitespace is required and where it is optional.
  • It should be made clear what case-insensitive means.
  • It should be made clear that you can not use CSS escapes. (No IDENTS!)

Came up in discussion: HTML, CSS, and XML differ in their definition of whitespace. XML has U+0020, U+0009, U+000D, and U+000A. CSS adds U+000C to that list. HTML adds U+000B on top of the CSS list. Is the notion of whitespace languages dependent? @media uses CSS and media=“” uses HTML? (The current proposal seems to be that HTML adds a pre-processing steps that replaces U+000B with U+0020. In that case the notion of whitespace can remain what CSS says.)

Related e-mail thread:

Issue 2

What to do with the 'resolution' feature? See e-mail thread: Use cases, what if horizontal and vertical resolution differ, et cetera.

Issue 3


  • whitespace is as defined by CSS
  • where whitespace is required and optional is clear in the syntax
  • EOF handling is handled by “malformed media query” (we don't want style sheet EOF handling as you might get style sheets applying to the wrong device)
  • HTML needs to deal with media=“” and media=“ ” etc.

Issue 4

Can you use a media feature with a media type for which it is not applicable? I vote yes. (I being Anne.)

More Issues

Media Queries Syntax

RESOLVED - syntax is now part of the draft.

An idea based on the CSS 2.1 grammar:

 : S* media_query [ COMMA S* media_query]*
 : [[ONLY | NOT] S+ media_type [S+ AND S+ expression ]*] | expression [ S+ AND S+ expression ]*
 : media_feature [':' S* term]?
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