Meta-Update Status

This page is here to track all the changes and meta-information we've decided to add to our specs, and which weren't part of the original CSS3 templates. Next time you update your spec, check that it has all these pieces!

  • Title as “CSS Foo Module [Level N]”
  • Includes link to issues list in header (see template)
  • Includes link to www-style in header (see template)
  • Includes link to editor's draft in header (see template)
  • Includes module interactions and values sections
  • Propdef tables “Values” field name links to values section
  • Propdef tables include “Animatable” field
  • Propdef tables include “Canonical order” field
  • Includes Document Conventions section
  • Includes an appropriate Conformance section

Additional Conventions

There are additional editorial conventions that the CSSWG has adopted over time that you may need to apply to older drafts.

  • Remove explicit text “This is a normative section” (all sections are normative by default, only need to be explicit about non-normative sections).

Table of Specs

Title Issues List Draft Interactions Value Link Animatable Order Conventions Conformance Spec
Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y Y css3-background
Y Y Y Y Y Y ? N Y Y css3-images
Y N N N N N N N 1/2 Y css3-multicol
Y N N N Y N N/A N Y Y css3-speech
Y N N N N N N N N N css3-2d-transforms
Y N N N N N N N N N css3-transitions
Y Y N Y old N N N Y Y css3-transitions
Y Y Y Y N Y N N N Y css3-ui
Y 1/2 Y Y Y Y N N Y Y css3-flexbox
Y Y Y Y N Y N/A N Y Y css3-exclusions
Y Y Y Y N N N/A N N N css3-regions
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