CSS Object Model

General To Do

  • CSSOM needs to define how Link:, <?xml-stylesheet?>, <link rel=stylesheet>, and <style> interact with the fetching algorithm, the event loop, and the parsers from HTML5.
  • <?xml-stylesheet?> could do with a rewrite for integration with CSSOM; do 'load' and 'error' events fire on it?
  • CSSOM should have a mechanism for taking elements full-screen
  • it has been proposed that CSSOM have a mechanism for keeping track of when expensive-to-compute areas of the document (e.g. a canvas) are actually being rendered.
    • Add a pair of events that fire when an element is hidden and unhidden
    • Add a pair of events that fire when an element is scrolled into and out of the view


Transition scenarios the CSSOM has to cope with somehow:

  • Property changes into a longhand property. E.g. some css3 text stuff..? Sometimes this only partially happens. E.g. with 'overflow' the situation is weird iirc.
  • Property value changes into a comma-separated list. E.g. background-image: <uri> becomes background-image: <uri> [, <uri>]*.
  • Property value changes into accepting multiple component values. E.g. the 'cursor' property now takes <x> and <y> in addition to <uri>. 'overflow' now takes two values rather than one.
  • Property component value changes. E.g. <uri> becomes <image>.

Author Requests

new value based om

Per #css 2011-11-01:

Tab Atkins: “I know that there is demand for a new value based om that wouldn't be string-based. It's a popular author request that is currently done through libs like jQuery … we know that there is a use-case in that area.”

David Baron: “Yes, i've seen author demand for this…”

variants of computed style

Per #css 2011-11-01:

David Baron: “… as well as for variants of computed style …”

set of matched rules for an element

Per #css 2011-11-01:

David Baron: “… as well as some author demand for the set of matched rules for an element.”

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