CSS Values and Units Level 3

WG Resolution Whiteboard

CSS2.1 Dependency

SummaryValues and Units depends on CSS2.1 NUMBER token which is wrong
ActionResolve on 2.1 issue and either update CSS2.1 errata or update Values and Units


See Tab's summary email

Summarycalc() should be able to return an <integer>
ActionWG needs to decide whether this is ok. We propose yes.
Summarycalc() should accept <length>/<number> instead of DIMENSION/NUMBER
NoteDivisors still need to be restricted to DIMENSION/NUMBER to prevent divide-by-zero.
NoteAt this point in time, the only effective change is allowing attr() inside calc().
NoteThis change can also be deferred to a later level; rejecting now doesn't mean we can't fix later.
ActionWG needs to decide whether to accept or reject.


SummaryMultiple design-level issues with cycle()
DoChttp://dev.w3.org/csswg/css3-values/issues-lc-2012#issue-12 issues 12 through 16
NoteA number of design-level problems were found in cycle(), some of which prevent cycle() from solving some of its main use-cases.
ActionWG needs to decide whether to defer, accept the limitations, or work on issues. We propose to defer.


SummaryWhat spec should we refer to to define URL validity/parsing?
ActionWG needs to advise on whether to reference abarth's spec, what's currently referenced, or something else.
SummaryDefine an always-invalid url for the attr(foo url) default, like “about:invalid” or something
ActionWG needs to decide whether to define this, and if so, what it is.


Summary Combinatorial validity checks when attr() used as component value with fallback of a different type.
NoteRestricted attr() so that declared type and fallback type must match when it's used as a component value. See edits (“The attr() expression is only valid if”)
ActionWG needs to approve this, or decide on something else

Numeric Limits Revisited

Summary Change component multiplier minimum from 30 to 20
ActionNeeds WG resolution to accept.
Summary Define minimum precision as 3 decimal points
ActionNeeds WG resolution to accept.

Value Syntax Notation

Summary Add order-sensitive component combinator
ActionDecide whether to accept, reject, or defer. This is editorial.
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