Selectors Level 3

(This page needs some organization, just dumping some info atm.)

Need to clarify whether the 'xml' prefix is pre-declared. (applies to *=, $= and ^=, I think) [clarification needed]

<bz> ideally, how would we _specify_ first-line?

  p::first-line { color: green; float: left }
  p { float: none }
  span { float: inherit }

<bz> What's the rendering?
<elif> bz: you're not allowed to specify float on first-line
<@bz> elif: sure you are
<@bz> elif: it just has no effect… on the first-line

<@bz> elif: for what it's worth, the only sane proposal I've heard to deal with that so far…
<@bz> elif: is that the “kids” of the first-line only inherit default-inherited properties from it
<@bz> elif: and not default-reset ones
<@bz> elif: so in our impl we would need to have two different parents on the same style context
<@bz> elif: one for reset props, one for inherit
<@bz> elif: as a start.

< elif> bz: p::first-line {direction: rtl}
< elif> have fun :)

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