This section keeps track of the CSS WG resolutions regarding the CSS Regions specification. A checkmark indicates that the resolution has been integrated at least in the latest editor draft.

Paris F2F February 2012

Paris FTF February 2012 Monday Paris FTF February 2012 Tuesday

  • ✔ Resolved: Bug 15159 for adding use cases to Regions spec is closed.

TPAC October 2011

TPAC October 2011, Sunday

  • ✔ Resolved: regionLayoutUpdate is an asynchronous event (Issue 10)
  • ✔ Resolved: close open issue on whether flow-from turns an element into a region, reopen if needed later (Issue 18)
  • ✔ Resolved: If content computes to normal, then the element takes the flow. (Issue 22)

Seattle F2F July 2011

Seattle F2F July 2011, Monday

  • ✔ RESOLVED: Copying Flow Content is not something we are looking at right now.
  • ✔ RESOLVED: Change the grid to integrate with CSS regions content through regular elements
  • ✔ RESOLVED: Stick to content property and content: from-flow(<flow-name>)
  • ✔ RESOLVED: change flow to flow-smthing
  • ✔ RESOLVED: rename content: from-flow to content: flow-from
  • ✔ RESOLVED: for this version [initial version of CSS Regions] we are limiting regions to be block containers
  • ✔ (no changes needed) RESOLVED: we need breaks that are specific to containers they are part of.

Kyoto F2F, June 2011, Saturday

Kyoto F2F June 2011, Saturday

  • ✔ RESOLVED: Switch content-order to take <integer>
  • <html><span style=“color:gray”>Discussed syntax for pushing to/pulling from named flows.</span></html>
  • <html><span style=“color:gray”>Briefly discussed integration of regions with multicol and grid layout.</span></html>

Kyoto F2F June 2011, Saturday, Vincent's notes, WG Conference Call, [CSSWG] Minutes and Resolutions 2011-06-15

  • ✔ use ident for flow names in CSS Regions
  • <html><span color=“gray”>Disagreement on whether CSS Regions should use the 'content' property or have separate 'flow-from' property that overloads 'content: normal'.</span></html>
  • ✔ content selection should not be mentioned in the spec. It is a UI issue.
  • ✔ confirmed that the event propagation model should not be modified.
  • ✔ make the section on DOM events model informative.
  • CSS OM View:
    • ✔ confirmed the current proposal (NamedFlow + Element interface extension)
    • ✔ agreed to add event on changes to regionOverflow and flowRanges
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