The Shapes portions of CSS Exclusions and Shapes are now their own module.

Currently, level 1 of CSS Shapes only includes shape-outside on floats with values from Basic Shapes and image URLs.

The intent is for the shape-inside property and defining shapes with SVG elements to be defined in a future level of CSS Shapes, as well as defining how Shapes contribute to exclusion areas in either a future level of CSS Shapes or CSS Exclusions. Given the postponement of shape-inside, it will need to default to 'auto' for backwards compatibility.

Next-Level Functionality

  • shape-inside property. This takes the same values as shape-outside, with an additional shape-outside value to have the shape-inside match the shape-outside. The initial value will be 'auto'). The property defines a shape to wrap the element's content inside.
  • shape-padding property. This is the padding equivalent of shape-margin, and modifies the shape given by shape-inside.
  • Referencing SVG shapes. The <uri> value for shape-inside can reference an SVG shape.
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