Scoped Names Interop

In <> a reasonable behavior for name-defining constructs (such as @font-face or @counter-style) in shadow trees is defined. However, browsers currently have a confusing panoply of behaviors, likely mostly accidental. Here we collect the current behaviors, to help inform our adoption of the specified behavior and find whether there are any compat issues we'll have to deal with.

Firefox Chrome Safari
@font-face Doesn't work @-rules in shadow trees are ignored. @-rules in document scope match from all scopes
@font-feature-values Doesn't work Not implemented
@font-palette-values Not Yet Implemented Not implemented
@counter-style Doesn't work
@keyframes Code lives in <>. We try to look animations up in the element's shadow first (this is necessary for :host { animation: .. }), then on the containing scope, if any, and otherwise on the global scope. First looks up element's shadow (for :host) and then the element's scope. Does not fall back to document. Does not work for slotted.
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