CSSWG 1st Virtual F2F

As the title suggests and in order to keep the world a safe place for living, this is going to be entirely virtual face-to-face meeting.


https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20200429T14 April 29 (a.k.a. Time Slot A)

  4pm -  8pm Paris
  3pm -  7pm London
 10am -  2pm New York
  7am - 11am San Francisco
 11pm -  3am Tokyo
 12am -  4am Melbourne

https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20200430T20 April 30/31 (a.k.a. Time Slot B)

 10pm -  2am Paris
  9pm -  1am London
  4pm -  8pm New York
  1pm -  5pm San Francisco
  5am -  9am Tokyo
  6am - 10am Melbourne

https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20200506T13 May 6

 3pm -  6pm Paris
 2pm -  5pm London
 9am -  12pm New York
 6am -  9am San Francisco
10pm -  1am Tokyo
11pm -  2am Melbourne

https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20200507T21 May 7/8

11pm -  2am Paris
10pm -  1am London
 5pm -  8pm New York
 2pm -  5pm San Francisco
 6am -  9am Tokyo
 7am - 10am Melbourne

Venue tech

Meet. Details on the member-only list: https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/w3c-css-wg/2020AprJun/0066.html

We will use #css on IRC for all meeting coordination. People can use the chat in Meet for backchannel conversations, but please do not expect the meeting chairs or scribe to notice or follow that extra channel.


Name Affiliation Time Slot A Time Slot B Topics Requested 6am start?
Rachel Andrew Fronteers yes no
Rossen Atanassov Microsoft yes yes
Tantek Çelik Mozilla yes most: 0-2,3-4hrs
L. David Baron Mozilla yes yes would attend or not depending on topic
Daniel Holbert Mozilla yes yes ok
Cameron McCormack Mozilla no yes
fantasai Invited Expert yes yes ok
Florian Invited Expert yes yes
Mike Bremford BFO yes yes
Miriam Suzanne Invited Expert yes yes
Christian Biesinger Google yes yes ok
Oriol Brufau Igalia yes yes
Brian Kardell Igalia yes yes Container Queries / related
Dave Cramer Hachette yes yes
Dael Jackson Invited Expert no mostly; hours 1.5-4
François REMY Invited Expert yes at least first two hours Houdini, Container queries, Ruby ok
Simon Fraser Apple yes yes unlikely
Alan Stearns Adobe yes yes OK
Chris Lilley W3C yes yes Generic font families probably
Lea Verou Invited Expert no yes N/A
Jen Simmons Mozilla yes yes
Adam Argyle Google yes yes sure
Stanton Marcum Amazon yes yes yes
Addison Phillips Amazon yes can attend, but prefer Time Slot A Generic font families
Richard Ishida W3C yes no Generic font families
Fuqiao Xue W3C yes probably ok
Peter Linss Invited Expert yes yes unlikely
Nat McCully Adobe mostly yes
Atsushi Shimono W3C mostly probably Generic font family
Theresa O'Connor Apple the first hour all

If you can't make one of the slots, note any topics you want us to bias towards the slot you can make.

Also, if you're on the West Coast, let us know if you'd be willing to dial in at 6am if it would help others join Time Slot A.

Agenda Schedule

Day One, Time Slot A

Duration Topic GitHub Issues
50 mins Container Queries
10 mins Break 8-)
25 mins Generic Fonts #4910 (#4605, #4796)
25 mins Grid and Multicolumn #4931 #4689
15 mins Break 8-)
45 mins Sizing and Alignment #4951 #4415 and #4983 #4957 #4660 #4545
10 mins Break 8-)

Logs: https://logs.csswg.org/irc.w3.org/css/2020-04-29

Day Two, Time Slot B

Duration Topic GitHub Issues
50 mins Custom Origin #5003 #4985 #4984 #4981 #4971 #4969
10 mins Break 8-)
50 mins Ruby #4932 #4935 #4936 #4987 #4979 #4986 #4974 #4976 #4980 #4958 #5004
15 mins Break 8-)
25 mins Snapshot 2020 #4715
25 mins Masonry layout Experimentation update by Mozilla (#4650, new explainer)
10 mins Break 8-)
50 mins Graphics (+ whatever we else have time for) #4706 #4996 #4736

Logs: https://logs.csswg.org/irc.w3.org/css/2020-04-30

Day Three, Time Slot 3A

Day Four, Time Slot 3B

Proposed Agenda

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