Virtual Meeting 4 (April 2021)


Apr 6, 7am PDT (afternoon for Europe, night for APAC)

Apr 8, 2pm PDT (morning for APAC, night for Europe)

Each meeting will be for 3 hours with hourly breaks.

(member only) Meet links:


I have created two new milestones for sorting issues for these meetings. Please take a look at the currently-tagged “Agenda+ F2F” issues and assign a milestone if you have a meeting time preference. New issues tagged for these meetings should select a milestone.

EUR VF2F-2021-04-06

APAC VF2F-2021-04-08



Name Affiliation Tuesday Thursday
Alan Stearns Adobe yes yes
Chris Lilley W3C yes yes
fantasai IE yes yes
Lea Verou Invited Expert yes yes
Rossen Atanassov Microsoft yes yes
Miriam Suzanne Invited Expert yes yes
Brian Kardell Igalia yes yes
Peter Linss IE partial yes
Cameron McCormack Apple no yes
Greg Whitworth Salesforce partial yes
Rachel Andrew Invited Expert yes no
Daniel Holbert Mozilla yes yes
Emilio Cobos Álvarez Mozilla yes maybe
Dael Jackson Invited Expert no no
Jonathan Kew Mozilla yes no
L. David Baron Google yes partial or no
Adam Argyle Google yes yes
Christian Biesinger Google yes yes
Tantek Çelik Mozilla partial yes
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