Tucson F2F 2013

When: February 4-6 2013

Where: Tucson, Arizona USA

Hosts: Molly E. Holzschlag | City of Tucson | Office of the City Manager | University of Arizona | Knowbility

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Information

Note that these are the hours the rooms are reserved for us. We can start/stop accordingly.

  • Meeting location: University of Arizona, Student Union Memorial Center
  • Monday 4th: Santa Rita Room 08:30 - 18:30
  • Tuesday 5th: Santa Cruz Room 08:30 - 17:00
  • Wednesday 6th: Santa Rita Room 08:30 - 18:30

We will have standard catering with continental breakfast, morning coffee, box lunches (w/ vegetarian options), and afternoon tea (tea, coffee, baked goods). The Student Union has many restaurants and cafe's so while we need to be careful about waste, you do have plenty of options if your preferences are not met by these arrangements or you want something special. Information on parking, food venues and room locations are listed here: http://www.union.arizona.edu/infodesk/maps/index.php

Weather Forecast: °C or °F


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Tucson Reid Park
445 S. Alvernon Way,
Tucson, Arizona, 85711-4198, USA
TEL: 1-520-881-4200

  • Reservations are now closed. If you need assistance at this point, let Molly know.

Dining and Events

Evening Meals All meals are “Buy Your Own” unless otherwise noted.

  • Sunday: We have reservations from 7:30 at Old Pueblo Grille http://www.metrorestaurants.com/restaurants/opg.asp for anyone who wants to join. It's near the hotel, and has a fabulous historic atmosphere and great outdoor areas too. If you get in later than 7:30 pm not to worry, we're close to the airport too. Just text me via number on our private email list.
  • Monday: Main Gate Square - there's a wide selection of lovely restaurants and cafes at the University of Arizona's Main Gate - walking distance from our meeting rooms. We can gather in groups and determine where to go. We will send at least one car back to the hotel and then down to the main area for folks who want to stay in or quickly drop things off.
  • Tuesday: Meeting wraps at 17:00 for the Community Meetup. Folks can grab a bite before, return to the hotel if not participating, or come on down to the meetup where we'll have beer, wine and nibbles freely available. We'll be a hop and a skip from 4th Avenue and Downtown Tucson with with all kinds of restaurants, bars and cafes for those wishing to eat a full meal before or after.
  • Wednesday: Normally we'd have a banquet, but it appears people are leaving and/or working on Wednesday night. I propose a small gathering at my place for those who wish to eat and socialize. Depending upon interest, this will be catered as I'm too busy to cook for all y'all. This time.
  • Thursday: For those still around, we can meet up for a casual breakfast or anything you like. I recommend we take a drive through the Saguaro National Monument for a look at some of the area's wildlife.

I promise once again not to make Bert ride a horse.

Tuesday Meetup

Please see http://csswgtucson.eventbrite.com/ for community meetup location and times.

Transport to/from Airport

If you want a known face to meet you upon arrival, make sure you've added that to your notes. Otherwise, taxis and shared-ride shuttles are available (15.00 - 20.00) from the airport. With advanced notice, the Doubletree also offers pickup for free (please tip your driver, however)

Be advised Tucson is very spread out and public transportation is really limited.

Transport to/from Meeting and Evening Event Locations

Cars - cars will run each morning and evening of the event. On meeting days, please meet in the hotel lobby at 08:00.

If you want to explore on your own, a rental car or taxi is best.


Sorted by family name:

Name Representing Arrive Leave Hotel Flight Info Notes
Adams, Glenn Cox 03FEB 07FEB Doubletree driving from CO
Atkins, Tab Google Sun Wednesday morning DoubleTree US 2952 13:55
Baron, L. David Mozilla Sun 3, 19:16 Wed 6, 19:10 Doubletree UA 5532 / US 2779 + US 415 have rental car reserved
Bos, Bert W3C Sun 3, 21:05 Thu 7, 12:55 Doubletree AA1379 / AA1546 Pick up from the airport would be nice
Çelik, Tantek Mozilla 2013-034 13:51 PHX 2013-037 19:10 TUS Doubletree UA5588 / US2779+US415 foodpref: pescatarian*
Daggett, John Mozilla Sun 3 Feb Thurs 7 Feb Doubletwee UA 5532/6369
fantasai Mozilla ? ? Doubletree ? will take a rental car
Fraser, Simon Apple Sun 3, 17:25 Wed 6, 17:55 Doubletree SWA 539 / SWA 1337, SWA 2051
Holzschlag, Molly W3C Invited Experts n/a n/a Doubletree n/a
Linss, Peter HP 2/3 2/7 Doubletree driving will have own car
Sapin, Simon Kozea Sun 3, 21:45 Thu 7, 9:40 Doubletree SWA 2784, SWA 3933 Pick up from the airport would be nice
Zilles, Steve Adobe 2/5 2/7 ? ? Likely to arrive morning of 2/5, fly out late 2/7; Low Carbs diet
Glazman, Daniel Disruptive Innovations Sun 3, 12:05pm Thu 7, 02:05pm Doubletree SWA 2523, SWA 2782 Pick up from the airport would be nice; spicy food forbidden
Ishii, Koji Rakuten 2/2 2/7 Doubletree UA5479/AA2663 Lodge on the dessert on 2/6
Taichi, Kawabata NTT 2/3 2/7 DoubleTree JL7562/AA1606
Atanassov, Rossen Microsoft Sun 3 Wed 6 Doubletree ? foodpred: same as Tantek
Kazutaka, YAMAMOTO NTT 2/3 2/7 DoubleTree UA6452/UA6341


  • Alan Stearns (conflicting company event)
  • Florian Rivoal (Cannot take vacations away from university at these dates)
  • Anton Prowse (Too far to travel)
  • Leif Arne Storset (Something came up that makes the timing really unfortunate)
  • Chris Lilley (Sorry)
  • John Jansen
  • Jet Villegas
  • Arron Eicholz (I will be on IRC)



  • Text Decoration
  • css3-multicol: how can we speed up the REC? [Bert]
  • css3-background: how can we speed up the REC? [Bert]
  • Placeholder styling
  • Writing Modes
  • CSS2.1 – status of errata, editor's draft, publication


  • Paged media
  • css3-flexbox issues
  • css3-animations issues - 11am


  • Variables followup
  • placeholder styling followup
  • Regions Update
  • Multicol
  • Sizing - min/max
  • css3-text: text-justify, letter and word spacing, defining consistent behavior for line-break, word-break


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