CSSWG meeting at TPAC 2022

TPAC 2022 is scheduled for 12-16 September 2022 in Vancouver, with options for both in-person and remote participation.



Name Other Info TBD
Alan Stearns Sept 10-17
Rachel Andrew
Cameron McCormack
Dominik Röttsches
François Remy Sept 12–17 @ AirBnb (host and myself will wear a mask if/when interacting)
Miriam Suzanne Sept 11–17 @ Sheraton
Chris Harrelson Sep 12-16 (might not attend some sessions due to conflicts) @ Sheraton
Chris Lilley Sep 11-17 @ Residence Inn by Mariott
Florian Rivoal Sept 11–17 @ Sheraton
Tantek Çelik 2022-09-11…16 @ Sheraton
Mason Freed Sep 12 to 15 @ Sheraton
Rossen Atanassov
Dan Clark Sep 12 to 15 @ Century Plaza


Name Affiliation Timezone PDT Availability Other Notes
David Baron Google America/New_York 5:45-14:30 maybe intermittently available a little later
Daniel Holbert Mozilla Pacific Time 9:30am - 5pm
Bobby Jo Steffl Thomson Reuters CDT
Tab Atkins-Bittner Google Pacific Time 9am - 5pm
Megan Gardner Apple Pacific Time 9am - 5pm
Jen Simmons Apple Eastern Time 7am - 3pm
Eric Meyer Igalia America/New_York 5am - 2:30pm
Alison Maher Microsoft PDT 9am - 5pm
Myles C. Maxfield Apple PDT very complicated


  • Lea Verou
  • Bramus
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