CSSWG 3nd Virtual F2F, at TPAC 2021

TPAC Virtual Meeting is scheduled for October 2021

  • September 29 - CSSWG vF2F (EUR)
  • October 20 4pm UTC - Joint meeting with APA
    • TPAC registration required - check internal list for instructions
  • October 27 - Joint meeting with Internationalization
  • October 18-22 - breakout week
  • November 3 - CSSWG vF2F (APAC)


Name Affiliation EUR vF2F Joint APA Joint i18n APAC vF2F
Alan Stearns Adobe yes yes yes yes
Rossen Atanassov Microsoft yes yes yes yes
fantasai Invited Expert yes yes yes yes
Chris Lilley W3C yes yes yes ??
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