TPAC 2017

Meeting Minutes

  • Monday, November 6
    • Part 1: Sizing
    • Part 2: Backgrounds, Grid
    • Part 3: Flexbox, Image Decoding, Line Clamping, Cleaning up OWNERS files, Feedback on testing policy
    • Part 4: Values and Units, Contains, Line Grid, Line Heights
  • Tuesday, November 7
    • Part 1: .style append/replace, list marker layout, scroll-snap & scrolling APIs
    • Part 2: Spatial Navigation, nav-*/tabindex, a11y Joint Meeting
    • Part 3: 3D Transforms, Scrollbars, Selectors, Color Spaces
    • Part 4: Constructible Style Sheets, ::selection cascade, Multicol

Place, Logistics, etc.


Please, put your name in this table if you plan to participate (alphabetical order by given name):

Name Arrival Departure Hotel Flight info and notes
Alan Stearns
Dave Cramer 7 Nov 11 Nov Hyatt Regency SFO massive conflict with PWG
Emil A Eklund n/a n/a Home Will miss first two hours on Monday
Eric Willigers 5 Nov 10 Nov
fantasai AirBnB likely BART+bicycle
Florian Rivoal 5 Nov 11 Nov Bay Landing Hotel KE724+KE023 / KE026+KE723
François REMY 5 Nov 11 Nov TPAC Hotel Airplane
Geoffrey Sneddon 5 Nov 18 Nov Hyatt Regency SFO Monday only, conflict with WPT on Tuesday; EI3221+EI147 / BA286+BA1488
Javier Fernández 5 Nov 9 Nov Hyatt Regency SFO BA7111+BA4271+BA4369
Jen Simmons 29 Oct 10 Nov AirBnB airplane to An Event Apart San Fran, plus rental car
Jihye Hong 5 Nov 10 Nov Holiday Inn Exp SF Airport South
L. David Baron 30 Sep 10 Dec home probably BART to Millbrae + walk or bus; will miss roughly 9:00-11:00 Monday (TAG), and possibly 15:00-18:00 Tuesday (AC)
Melanie Richards 5 Nov 9 Nov Hyatt Regency SFO Alaska 324, 323
Naina Raisinghani 5 Nov 11 Nov Crowne Plaza San Francisco Airport
Nat McCully 3 Nov 7 Nov AirBnB
Peter Linss 5 Nov 11 Nov Hyatt Regency SFO YZF-R1
Rachel Andrew 5 Nov 8 Nov AirBNB
Rob Flack 5 Nov 9 Nov Holiday Inn Exp SF Airport South
Simon Fraser n/a n/a Local
Simon Pieters 5 Nov 8 Nov AirBnB UA 2400 / SK 936
Tab Atkins local
Tantek Çelik 2017-10-19 2017-12-08 home ground transport
Tomoya Kimura 5 Nov 12 Nov Bay Landing Hotel JL002 / JL001
Greg Whitworth 5 Nov 11 Nov
Xidorn Quan 5 Nov 11 Nov AirBnB NZ 8
Lea Verou 5 Nov 13 Nov Hyatt, then AirBnB
Chris Lilley 5 Nov 13 Nov Hyatt, then AirBnB
Jet Villegas 6 Nov 7 Nov home
Brad Kemper 6 Nov 7 Nov home Driving


* Koji Ishii, can't make due to a conflict, but would like to call in for text topics if possible.

* Hiroshi Sakakibara, got a severe cold..

See also the current TPAC registrations [member-only].






11am: APA/ARIA

11:30am-1pm: 3D transforms breakout.



09:00-12:00 Houdini f2f in Cypress C

Proposed Agenda

Scribes list

Monday am

  • Greg
  • Brian
  • Francois

Monday pm

  • Ian
  • Tab
  • Emil

Tuesday am

  • Greg
  • Tab

Tuesday pm

  • Emil
  • -your name here-
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