TPAC 2016

Place, Logistics, etc.

  • full TPAC week is 19-23 September 2016
  • CSS WG meeting days are Mon-Tue 19-20 September
  • Lisbon, Portugal at the Centro de congressos de lisboa, room 5A, first floor (upper floor!)



Please, put your name in this table if you plan to participate (alphabetical order by given name):

Name Arrival Departure Hotel Flight info and notes
Alan Stearns 16 Sep 23 Sep AirBnB ??
Andrey Rybka 17 Sep 23 Sep Janelas Verdes Lisbon Hotel ??
Bert Bos 14 Sep 23 Sep Hotel Vila Galé Ópera TP487/TP486
Brian Birtles 18 Sep 21 Sep Hotel Vila Galé Ópera JL415+AF1124 / AF1625+JL416
Chris Lilley 17? Sept 24 Sept ? arriving from Warsaw (ATypi conf)
Daniel Glazman 18 Sept 23 Sept AirBnb
Dave Cramer 18 Sept 25 Sept Hotel Vila Gale Opera UA 6864 / UA 65
fantasai 17 Sept 24 Sept Apt
Florian Rivoal 18 Sept 25 Sept Airbnb AF0291+AF1124 / KL1692+KL0867
Francois Remy ??? ??? ? ???
Geoffrey Sneddon 18 Sept 24 Sept Hotel Vila Gale Opera BA1479+TP0359 / TP0364+BA1498
Greg Whitworth 16 Sept 26 Sept ? ?
Hiroshi Sakakibara(+2 BPS crew) 18 Sept 22 Sept AirBnB TK053+TK1755 / TK1760+TK052
Hyojin Song 18 Sept 24 Sept Hotel Vila Gale Opera
Ian Kilpatrick 19 Sept 25 Sept
Jen Simmons 18 Sept 22 Sept Pestana Palace flying in from Berlin (View Source), heading out to London (Generate)
Jihye Hong 18 Sept 24 Sept Hotel Vila Gale Opera
Koji Ishii 18 Sept 23 Sept
Liam Quin 17th Sept 24th sept Hotel Vila Galé Ópera arr.LIS from LHR 10:45am; dep LIS 07:40am
Lea Verou 17? Sept 24 Sept Hotel Vila Galé Ópera
Manuel Rego Casasnovas 18 Sept 22 Sept
Myles C. Maxfield 17 Sept 25 Sept Sofitel Lisbon
Rick Byers 18 Sept 24 Sept Hotel Vila Galé Ópera AC? from Toronto, splitting time with PEWG meeting
Rossen Atanassov 17 Sept 24 Sept
Simon Sapin 18 Sept 25 Sept AirBnB
Tantek Çelik 2016-09-18 2016-09-23 Hotel Vila Galé Ópera UA58+UA8896 / MON1725

Regrets: Dael Jackson

(See also the current TPAC registrations [member-only])



  • Joint meeting with digipub (Monday 1pm)
  • Hanging Punctuation
  • Proposal for a new Regions specification — Jen Simmons,
  • Transforms L2: backport translate/rotate/scale, as they're stable but L1 still isn't?
  • CSS Variables:
    • var() in @keyframes? Multiple engines already support.
    • Do “value tainting” of animation-tainted custom properties? (Rather than current “document-global name tainting”)
    • How to store custom property values? Like strings (exactly preserved) or like token streams (may change from author phrasing)? “–path: m40.0,20.0” can reserialize as-is, or as “–path: m40/**/0.0,20.0”.
  • Approval to implement and ship transitionstart/transitionrun/transitioncancel/animationcancel?
  • CSS Cascade: “revert” is very expensive; Safari has busted (cheap) implementation. Can we simplify?
  • CR plan for 2016 - which specs are 'close' to CR? what is left to get them there by December pub moratorium? (Tantek)



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