TPAC 2015

Place, Logistics, etc.


Please, put your name in this table if you plan to participate (alphabetical order by given name):

Name Arrival Departure Hotel Flight info and notes Going to JP Industry Meetup
Alan Stearns 23 Oct 31 Oct AirBnB ?? Yes
Andrey Rybka 25 Oct 29 Oct Premier Hotel Tsubaki ANA no
Bert 25 Oct 30 Oct Premier Tsubaki (ex-Renaissance) LH4936 / NH988 Will try
Brian Birtles 25 Oct 28 Oct Sapporo Grand Hotel JAL501 / JAL526 Yes
Chris Lilley 23 Oct 1 Nov Century Royal Hotel JL 3040 No, audio meetup instead
Dave Cramer 25 Oct 1 Nov Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo UA7987 / UA7986 no, sadly
Edward O'Connor 25 Oct 31 Oct Hotel Okura Sapporo JL501 / JL526 no
fantasai 24 Oct 30 Oct Dormy Inn 22 Oct NH4725 / 30 Oct UA2154+NH8 yes
Daniel Glazman 24 Oct 30 Oct AirBnB JL0416+JL3049 / JL0504+JL0415 yes
Dean Jackson 24 Oct 30 Oct no
Dongwoo Joshua Im 25 Oct 31st Premier Hotel Tsubaki no
Florian Rivoal 25 Oct 4 Nov Richmond Hotel Sapporo Odori MM103 / MM106 Yes
Hiroshi Sakakibara(+2 Colleagues) 25 Oct ?? ?? ?? /?? Yes
Hyojin Song(+1 Colleague) 25 Oct 31 Oct Gracery Hotel Sapporo KE795 / KE766 No, sorry..
Ian Kilpatrick 26 Oct 31 Oct Cross Hotel Sapporo JL501 / JL502 No
Johannes Wilm 25 Oct 1 Nov Richmond Hotel Sapporo Odori ?? Yes
John Daggett 25 Oct 27 Oct AirBnB No
Koji Ishii 25 Oct 28 Oct Cross Hotel Sapporo JAL511/528 Yes
Lea Verou 25 Oct 1 Nov Century Royal Hotel JK117 No
L. David Baron 23 Oct 31 Oct Art Hotels Sapporo ANA7+ANA2155 / CAL131 Yes
Liam Quin 25 Oct 31 Oct Premier Hotel Tsubaki (Renaissance) AC5 No
Marie-Claire Forgue ?? ?? ?? Industry Meet-up only I will try
Myles Maxfield 24 Oct 30 Oct Hotel Okura Sapporo JL501 / JL526 no
Peter Linss 24 Oct 31 Oct Cross Hotel GK113 / GK108 Yes
Rossen Atanassov 24 Oct 31 Oct ?? ?? / ?? Yes
Shane Stephens 24 Oct 31 Oct ?? ?? / ?? Yes
Shinyu Murakami 25 Oct 1 Nov Richmond Hotel Sapporo Odori ???? Yes
Simon Sapin 25 Oct 31 Oct Mercure Hotel Sapporo JAL507 (in CTS at 10:40am) / JAL500+JAL45 Yes
Steve Zilles 25 Oct 31 Oct Mercure Hotel Sapporo Korean Air 765 Yes, arriving at 12:45 on 25th
Tantek Çelik 2015-10-27 2015-10-30 Art Hotels Sapporo ??? / ??? No


  • Dael Jackson
  • Adenilson Cavalcanti



  • the CSS OM needs major love. We can't extend the OM from multiple Level 3 and 4 specs without having a stable basis there.
  • GCPM bookmarks. Can we have bookmark-level:auto work from the structure of the document?
  • CSS-Style-Attribute: updating the REC for markup problems:
  • inline character grid (for CJK)
  • Fonts
  • CSS Box Alignment Dramatic Reading aka Line by Line Review aka Issue Egg Hunt (may be evaded by finding sufficient Issue Eggs ahead of time, in which case we can have an issue-solving session instead)
  • Developer Meet-up at the Sydney ftf?
  • wide gamut / deep color
  • Scroll Snap
  • Logical Syntax
    • Cascading
    • Naming
    • Positioning Syntax
    • Other issues
  • May and August 2016 face-to-face meetings (or just one in June?) (TPAC is in September!)


  • take advantage of having all editors in the same room to have clearer status for all specs: where are we, ETA for next stage, how long did they remain at current stage, active editor or not, current work, etc.
  • even if the above does not work, refine priorities based on spec importance and current spec status; are there abandoned or semi-abandoned specs?
  • some specs in the scope of the new Web Platform Working Group will require liaison with our WG. How can do better liaising with that new WG than with the former HTML WG?
  • Shadow DOM Styling - Tuesday 15:00-16:00 in WebApps room
  • following up yesterday’s wide gamut discussion, agenda+ what should we do with
  • css-animations issues
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