TPAC 2012

CSS will meet during TPAC 2012, which runs from Monday 29 October through Friday 2 November, in Lyon, France. The CSS working group will be meeting on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, October 28-30.

Logistics: TPAC 2012 (including registration)

Meeting Minutes

Sunday, 28 October:

Monday, 29 October:

Tuesday, 30 October:


Sorted by family name:

Name Representing Arrive Leave Hotel Flight Info Notes
Glenn Adams Cox Oct 28 Nov 02 Hilton (Lyon) TGV6605/6628 +TTWF
David Baron Mozilla Oct 27 Nov 3 Hôtel de la Cité Concorde TGV +TTWF
Tantek Çelik Mozilla 2012-10-29 2012-11-02 Hôtel de la Cité Concorde BA362 17:35 / BA361 11:35
Arron Eicholz Microsoft 28 Oct 31 Oct Hilton (Lyon) AF3639 on 25 Oct, TGV6605/6620 +TTWF
fantasai Mozilla 27 Oct 3 Nov Cité Internationale Temporim TGV6631/??? +TTWF
John Jansen Microsoft 28 Oct 31 Oct Hôtel de la Cité Concorde AF3639 on 25 Oct, TGV6613/6620 +TTWF
Taichi KAWABATA NTT 27 Oct 3 Nov IBIS LYON plais des congres AF7648
Peter Linss HP Oct 27 Nov 04 Hilton (Lyon) TGV6631/6616 +TTWF
Edward O'Connor Apple 2012-10-27 2012-11-03 Hôtel Le Roosevelt TGV5601/5550 +TTWF
Florian Rivoal Invited Expert Oct 26 Oct 28 Mercure Lyon Saxe Lafayette TGV 6633/6674
Simon Sapin Kozea (Based in Lyon, not travelling) TCL C26 AC meeting on Tuesday afternoon
Dirk Schulze Adobe Oct 28 Oct 31 +TTWF
Alan Stearns Adobe Oct 28 Nov 04 AirBNB apt. TGV6631/AF 7651 +TTWF
Leif Storset Opera Oct 26 Nov 01 Hôtel de la Cité Concorde LX538/533
Anton Prowse Invited Expert 27 Oct 31 Oct Cité Internationale Temporim
Koji Ishii Rakuten 27 Oct 3 Nov Hilton BA362/AA041
Sylvain Galineau Microsoft 25 Oct 1 Nov Hilton (Lyon) +TTWF
Rossen Atanassov Microsoft 27 Oct 1 Nov Hilton (Lyon)
Lea Verou W3C 27 Oct 3 Nov La Rene Astrid +TTWF
Jet Villegas Mozilla Oct 27 Nov 1 Hôtel de la Cité Concorde TGV +TTWF

Regrets: John Daggett, Molly Holzschlag



  • Style Attr
  • Writing Modes
  • CSS Text Level 3 open issues
  • CSS Text Decorations Level 3 open issues
  • CSS Prioritization


  • HTML5 style issues
  • css3-regions: stacking contexts, elements, box generation, ICB
  • Multicol


  • HTML5 challenges:
    • SVG: 'display: svg'? 'display: foreign'? (The latter signals Namespace-dependent rendering)
    • Math: add math boxes? or 'display: foreign'? (But in that case, how to handle baselines and line breaking?)
    • <details>: two pseudo-classes, ':normal' and ':alt'?
    • seamless: 'height: complex' (same as 'auto', but for a replaced element whose height depends on its width in more complicated ways than via an aspect ratio)?
  • Alternate stylesheets

Proposed Topics

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