TPAC 2009

  • At TPAC in Santa Clara, CA, USA (2009 November 2-6)
  • Organizer: W3C (Bert Bos)
  • Minutes: Monday, Tuesday

Proposed Agenda

Monday AM

  • collect last-call comments on MathML-for-CSS
  • transitions/transforms/animations
  • modularization and how to write a profile/snapshot
  • text-overflow

Monday PM

  • font features (2pm)
  • grid/flex/layout (invite SVG)
  • fitting text-size of that text fills a given width

Tuesday AM

  • run-ins
  • selectors and DOM
  • Color and gamma correction
  • Gradients and image sprites

Tuesday PM

  • Test Suites
  • filters
  • drop shadow
  • 2010 FTF dates

Proposed Topics

Fill in proposed agenda topics below:

  • possibility of text-overflow overhaul
  • modularization and how to write a profile/snapshot. E.g., how to update what <color> means in css3-multicol after css3-color becomes REC. (See 14 Oct telcon.) Or can modules never be published out of order?
  • fitting text size so that text fills a given width. Is this part of 'text-align-last' or separate? Who can edit the Text module if we want to include this feature? (Oct 14 telcon)
  • consistency between layout modules (Table, Template, Grid, Flexbox). It would be great to unify the ideas present in these, or at least define some primitives they can share.
  • Invite SVG to discussion: css3-grid, css3-flexbox, and css3-layout (needs of GUIs? needs of typography? merge into one module?)
  • Review Selectors implementation reports - Move directly to PR?
  • Targeting filters
  • run-in definitions, see the five issues
  • 2010 F2F dates
  • Drop shadow proposal
  • Discuss font feature support
  • css3-2d-transforms issues
  • css3-transitions issues
  • collect last-call comments on MathML-for-CSS. Probably needs only 10 minutes: explain the draft (Bert) and collect comments, of which there are probably none.
  • advance multicol spec to CR. Last call comments have been collected and responded to.

Informal gathering of present and past CSS WG Members

  • Lobby of Hotel Mariott Santa Clara (2700 Mission College Boulevard Santa Clara, CA 95054) at 7pm on Sunday. Warning, the CSS WG does not pay for you.
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