Tokyo F2F 2013

When: June 5-7, 2013

Where: Tokyo, Japan

  • Meeting location: Google Japan office in Roppongi Hills (map)
  • Getting there: Take the Tokyo Metro Hibiya line or the Toei Oedo line to Roppongi station. From the station, follow the route on Google maps to the Google office in Mori Tower. Or use the access information for the Mori Art Museum which is in the same location.

Host: Google Japan

Note: There will be a Test The Web Forward event in Tokyo Friday, June 7 (evening) and Saturday, June 8 at the same location. The SVG WG will be meeting Monday and Tuesday at Mozilla Japan prior to the CSS F2F. There will also be a workshop on eBooks and Internationalization on Tuesday at Keio University in Mita. The W3C AC Committee meeting takes place the following week, also at Keio in Mita.

Meeting Minutes

Hosted Dinner

The hosted dinner is on Thursday night at Hassan, a shabu-shabu restaurant in Roppongi. Location


There are a number of hotels close to Roppongi Hills. The B Roppongi is relatively new and reasonably priced. Apartment rental is also an option in the area. For something more traditional, Andon Ryokan looks interesting but it's farther away via the subway. For something a tad more eccentric, try here.

Transport to/from Airport

Tokyo has two airports at which international flights land. A sprinkling of flights land at Haneda, which is located very close to the city center, but most flights land at Narita, an hour outside of Tokyo.

For flights arriving at Narita, the Narita Express train connects to the Yamanote line, the central ring line. Transfer at Shinagawa to the Yamanote Line, then switch to the Hibiya Line at Ebisu to get to Roppongi. For flights arriving at Haneda, take the 50-year old Haneda Monorail line to Hammamatsu-cho and transfer to the Yamanote Line heading to Shinagawa, then switch to the Hibiya Line at Ebisu. Since the Yamanote Line is a ring line, if you fall asleep and miss Ebisu you can continue your nap and get off the next time the train makes it way around to Ebisu. Or you can get off in Akihabara and experience the interesting cultural attractions.

Transit cards: For getting to/from an airport and getting around town, using an IC transit card can make things really easy. These are stored value cards sold under the name SUICA (JR) or PASMO (Tokyo Metro) and are effectively the same. One adds value to the card and the transit fare is automatically deducted when exiting any JR train, private rail, subway or bus within the Tokyo area. When arriving at Narita, the Suica and Narita Express package is a good deal.

Limo Bus: A Limo bus will take you from Narita Terminal 1 or 2 directly to the Grand Hyatt in Roppongi, just across the street from the building where Google is located, and a short distance from the b Roppongi and other hotels. One way ticket is 3000¥, available at the Airport Limousine counter in both terminals. The Bus Stops are #11 at Terminal 1 and #6 at Terminal 2. See Narita to Grand Hyatt Tokyo for details.


Sorted by family name:

Name Representing Arrive Leave Hotel Flight Info Notes
Adams, Glenn CoxCom June 3 June 9 B Roppongi UA875/838 also TTWF
Atanassov, Rossen Microsoft June 2 June 12 TBD TBD
Atkins, Tab Google
Baron, L. David Mozilla June 1 June 12 b roppongi ANA1186/ANA8 arriving from Taipei; also TTWF, AC
Bos, Bert W3C June 3 June 9 B Roppongi also workshop & dev meet-up
Cabanier, Rik Adobe June 2 June 10 Hyatt Regency Observing, approved by Peter
Daggett, John Mozilla local
Erenkrantz, Justin Bloomberg June 4 June 12 Imperial Hotel Tokyo ANA 1009/ANA10 also TTWF, AC
fantasai Mozilla June 4 June 19 Sawanoya Ryokan UA79/UA852
Glazman, Daniel Disruptive Innovations June 4 June 12 Celestine Hotel JL42/JL41 also eBooks WS and AC meeting
Hauck, Rebecca Adobe June 4 June 10 Hyatt Regency
Ishida, Richard W3C also eBooks WS
Ishii, Koji Rakuten local
Jackson, Dean Apple June 4 June 9 Conrad Tokyo
Le Hegaret, Philippe W3C June 3 June 12 TBD UA803/UA804 also eBooks WS, TTWF, and AC meeting
Linss, Peter HP June 2 June 12 b Roppongi LH710/ UA838 also eBooks WS, TTWF, and AC meeting
McCormack, Cameron Mozilla June 2 June 6 Grand Hyatt Roppongi Observing, approved by Peter
Mclister, Larry Adobe June 4 June 10 Hyatt Regency Observing, approved by Peter and Tab
Noto Garcia, Israel Adobe June 4 June 10 Hyatt Regency Observing, approved by Peter and Tab
Quin, Liam W3C June 2 June 12 Shinagawa Prince Hotel AC1 355pm; AC 2 / 550pm Also eBook WS and AC meeting
Sapin, Simon Mozilla June 1 June 9 Hotel Okura JAL802/AC422 arriving from Taipei, also TTWF
Schulze, Dirk Adobe June 1 June 9 Hyatt Regency
Stearns, Alan Adobe May 30 June 9 Roppongi Hills apartment
Storset, Leif Arne Opera June 4 June 9 B Roppongi SK 983/984 also TTWF
Villegas, Jet Mozilla
Yamamoto, Kazutaka NTT June 5 June 7 local

Regrets: Steve Zilles, Lea Verou, Tantek Çelik



  • Joint SVG/CSS Topics


  • Planning and resource allocation. We're 4 months from the end of the charter period. Do we need to allocate more resources to the deliverables? How long an extension do we need to ask for to finish most of them? (3 RECs: css3-background, css3-ui and css3-values; and several test suites)
  • Syntax Level 3
    • font-style and Japanese obliquing in vertical text (Taro Yamamoto from Adobe to attend)
    • text-decoration and subscript/superscript glyphs
    • OM representation of @font-feature-values rule
    • resolve other issues before LC
  • Syntax Level 3 (cont'd)
  • CSS3 Shapes Solve open issues, prep first LC?
  • CSS3 Exclusions Solve open issues, prep first LC?



Proposed Topics

Suggested as Lower Priority
  • Selectors 4 Collect any remaining issues, prepare for LC.
    • Can some features be moved from the complete profile to the fast profile? (ie. enabled in stylesheets)
  • Digital Publishing: (Wed PM)
    • I [Bert] can present my slides from the workshop, which have a list of requirements for CSS
    • Discuss the workshop, because it will probably have turned up even more requirements…
  • CSS4 Color
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