Tokyo F2F March 2009

Proposed topics

Proposed topics for topics for the March 2009 CSS Working Group Face-to-Face meeting in Tokyo.

  • css3-page:
    • issue about margin collapsing and page breaks: 1234 Also, people may want to think about more use cases
  • css3-multicol
    • do we need column-break properties?
    • is it ready for last call?
  • css3-gcpm – there are two implementations of a significant subset of the functionality, and howcome suggests making a new draft based on the current editors's draft, but without sections: 8, 9, 17, 20-25. This avoids the difficult “how-to-move-elements” issue, the experimentional “paged-presentations-for-all” and the more advanced layout and semi-transformation stuff.
  • inherit and initial values: where to put them in specs?
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