Sydney F2F February 1-3 2016

  • Host: Google
  • Dates: Monday-Wednesday, February 01-3, 2016 (with SVG on Wednesday)
  • Times: Doors will open from 8:30am. Meeting can run from 9:00am - 6:30pm as required.

Meeting Minutes

Adjacent meetings

Dates to schedule around

  • 2016-01-12..15 TAG Meeting in Melbourne, Australia
  • 2016-01-30..31 FOSDEM in Brussels, Belgium
  • 2016-02-01..05, Geelong (near Melbourne), Australia


Google Sydney: Level 5, 48 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont

This map might help.

Meeting Rooms

  • Main room:
    • Corroboree, on Level 5 (opposite reception).
  • Breakout rooms:
    • Monday: Barangaroo, on Level 4 (all day) - 42 person room
    • Tuesday AM: Howzat, on Level 6 (9am-1pm) - 14 person room
    • Tuesday PM: Dreamtime, on Level 5 (1pm-5:30pm) - 18 person room
    • Wednesday AM: Dreamtime, on Level 5 (9am-1pm) - 18 person room
    • Wednesday PM: Redback, on Level 6 (1pm-5:30pm) - 16 person room

Instructions for arrival:

Please come directly up to level 5. A security guard will let you in and I will have a badge for you.

If you arrive after 9:30am, please either:

  • call Shane Stephens on +61 405 491 744; or
  • log on to the free Google Guest wifi (which should be accessible from the ground floor) and ping someone on #css.

Parking: If you think you'd like to drive to the meeting, please let Shane know and he will try and book parking for you at Google. Parking is limited. There are also parking stations nearby, particularly Harbourside.

Visa Requirements

A visa is required for US Citizens to enter Australia (citizens of other countries please check with the appropriate authorities), a visa may be obtained electronically from the Electronic Travel Authority web site.

For various other nationalities, you're supposed to get a


Please, put your name in this table if you plan to participate (alphabetical order by given name):

Name Arrival Departure Hotel Flight info and notes
Alan Stearns Jan 26 Feb 6 ?? ??
Andrey Rybka Jan 31 Feb 3 Oaks Goldsbrough Apartments AirNZ
Bert Bos Jan 29 Feb 4 The Haven Glebe VA891/VA640
Brian Birtles Jan 23 Feb 9 Oaks Goldsbrough Apartments JAL
Dean Jackson ?? ?? ?? ??
Edward O'Connor Jan 30 Feb 6 Sheraton on the Park UA 863 / UA 870
fantasai Jan 30 Feb 5 Airbnb NZ15+NZ103 / NZ104+NZ8
Florian Rivoal Jan 31 Feb 4 Airbnb KE728+KE121 / KE122+KE721
Greg Whitworth Jan 27 Feb 4 ?? ??
Hiroshi Sakakibara Jan 31 Feb 4 ?? ??
Hyojin Song Jan 30, 08:40 Feb 4 Airbnb OZ601 / OZ602
Ian Kilpatrick Jan 26 Feb 7 ?? Qantas
Ian Vollick Jan 29 Feb 2 ?? United
Jihye Hong Jan 30, 08:40 Feb 4 Airbnb OZ601 / OZ602
Joone Hur Jan 29 08:35 Feb 5 14:30 Airbnb UA 863 / UA 870
Koji Ishii ?? 2016-02-04(?) ?? ??
L. David Baron 29 Jan, 14:35 6 Feb, 14:30 Airbnb / ?? ANZ119 / UAL870
Jet Villegas 29 Jan, 14:35 5 Feb, 11:50 Sydney Travelodge / ?? ANZ119 / ANZ104
Peter Linss Jan 28/29 Feb 8 Novotel Sydney Car / UA840
Rossen Atanassov Jan 29 Feb 8 ?? pescatarian
Simon Fraser ?? ?? ?? ??
Simon Pieters Jan 29 (22:30) Feb 3 (21:45) Airbnb QF 8414 / QF 8413
Steve Zilles Jan 27 Feb 4 Merton Serviced Apartments UA
Takao Baba Jan 31 Feb 4 ?? ??
Tantek Çelik 2016-01-30 08:35 2016-02-04 14:30 Airbnb UAL863 / UAL870


  • Dave Cramer
  • Dael Jackson
  • Dongwoo Joshua Im
  • Chris Lilley (travel budget, Bert will attend)
  • Brad Kemper (but would like to call in or Skype in or whatever during Sydney mornings, especially for the round display stuff)

Please note that Jan 26 is a public holiday in Australia


The GoogleGuest network will be available throughout the building. No password is required.

Travel to/from airport

A taxi from the airport to the meeting venue will cost between $30 and $50, depending on traffic. There's generally only a short wait to get a taxi, and a fairly orderly queue. This is probably the most convenient, and also the cheapest if you share with others…

If staying in Chinatown, the airport train line is reasonably convenient. A one-way ticket is $16.40. If you're staying in Pyrmont, you can still take the train, then jump on the light rail from 'Central' to 'the Star'. You'll need to pay $4.60 (in cash) after boarding the train.

Some hotels offer complimentary bus transfers to/from the airport - check with your hotel when booking.


The Australian dollar (AUD). See exchange rates.

You should be able to use your credit card pretty much everywhere (especially Mastercard and Visa). Diners Club cards tend to attract a fee or not be accepted. Checks are not generally accepted.


230V, 50Hz, 10A flat, angled awesome pins


Notice the small switch on the side. Unless you flip it on, don't expect the power socket to do much for you.


Monday AM

Monday PM

Tuesday AM

Tuesday PM

Wednesday AM

  • Upcoming meetings
Track 1
Track 2
  • fast-tracking customized scrolling (shane)

Wednesday PM

  • Investigation about JS API for realizing Level of Details (Proposals/Investigation_of_APIs_for_Level_of_detail) (Stakagi : I will arrive at noon. )

Proposed topics


Extra topics:

FXTF(Special Effects Task Force)

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