San Francisco F2F February 2019


(Alphabetic order by first name)

Name Arrival Departure Hotel Flight info and notes
Alan Stearns
Amelia BR Feb 23 Feb 28 AirBnB w/ Florian & co
Benjamin De Cock local n/a n/a
Cameron McCormack Feb 23 Mar 1 TBD
Chris Lilley (assuming visa granted in time)
Chris Harrelson local n/a n/a
Dave Cramer Airbnb
Emil A Eklund local n/a n/a Can't make Monday AM.
Emilio Cobos Álvarez ? ? ? ?
fantasai local n/a n/a
Florian Rivoal Feb 22 Feb 28 Airbnb
François Remy Feb 23 Feb 28 Airbnb
Greg Whitworth Feb 24 Feb 28 Hotel
Hiroshi Sakakibara Feb 24 Mar 1 Airbnb
Hyojin Song Feb 24 Feb 27 TBD OZ212/OZ211
Jen Simmons Feb 24 Mar 2
Jihye Hong Feb 24 Feb 28 Airbnb
Koji Ishii Feb 24 Feb 28 TBD
Lea Verou (assuming Chris' visa granted in time)
L. David Baron n/a n/a home Caltrain #319 or #217
Manuel Rego Feb 24 Feb 27 Airbnb
Melanie Richards Feb 26 Feb 26 N/A AS324 / UA351
Myles C. Maxfield I live here I live here My home Pogo stick
Rachel Andrew Feb 24 Feb 28 Marriott Fisherman's Wharf AA285/AA6041
Rossen Atanassov Feb 25 Feb 28 TBD
Rune Lillesveen Feb 24 Mar 1 Orchard Hotel
Simon Fraser local n/a n/a
Tab Atkins local
Tantek Çelik 2019-02-25 local home TBD arriving late 24th or early 25th
Tess local n/a n/a
Daniel Bates local n/a n/a


  • Christian Biesinger (Google)
  • Chirag Desai
  • Mason Freed (Google)
  • Morten Stenshorne (Google)
  • Sean Voisen (Mozilla)
  • Lukasz Zbylut
  • Daniel Holbert (Mozilla)


  • Dael Jackson
  • Dirk Schulze
  • Brad Kemper ☹️




  • dholbert is missing Monday, so bias layout topics to Tues/Wed
  • High Contrast on Tues
  • Eric is in Sydney, so schedule Error Recovery for an afternoon.
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