San Francisco F2F February 2019

Entrance Instructions

“Main” building, the one that you walk thru with doors to either side, rather than the one at the end of the breezeway. Take the elevator to the 7th floor. (If there are only 6 floors, you're in the wrong building.) Ping me (Tab) or the IRC to be let in once you get there, if someone's not already waiting to open the door for you.

The room, once you get here, is “Supergirl”.

Group Dinner

Wednesday evening, check the private list (or ask someone) for details on time and location.


Wet weather is [|forecast] for all three days, and transit may be affected. Be prepared.


(Alphabetic order by first name)

Name Arrival Departure Hotel Flight info and notes
Alan Stearns
Amelia BR Feb 23 Feb 28 AirBnB w/ Florian & co
Benjamin De Cock local n/a n/a
Cameron McCormack Feb 23 Mar 1 Hotel Abri
Chris Harrelson local n/a n/a
Dave Cramer Airbnb
Emil A Eklund local n/a n/a Can't make Monday AM.
Emilio Cobos Álvarez ? ? ? ?
fantasai local n/a n/a
Florian Rivoal Feb 22 Feb 28 Airbnb
François Remy Feb 23 Feb 28 Airbnb
Fuqiao Xue Feb 24 Feb 28 TBD
Greg Whitworth Feb 24 Feb 28 Hotel
Hiroshi Sakakibara Feb 24 Mar 1 Airbnb
Hyojin Song Feb 24 Feb 27 TBD OZ212/OZ211
Jen Simmons Feb 24 Mar 2
Jihye Hong Feb 24 Feb 28 Airbnb
Koji Ishii Feb 24 Feb 28 TBD
L. David Baron n/a n/a home Caltrain #319 or #217
Manuel Rego Feb 24 Feb 27 Airbnb
Melanie Richards Feb 26 Feb 26 N/A AS324 / UA351
Myles C. Maxfield I live here I live here My home Pogo stick
Rachel Andrew Feb 24 Feb 28 Marriott Fisherman's Wharf AA285/AA6041
Rossen Atanassov Feb 25 Feb 28 TBD
Rune Lillesveen Feb 24 Mar 1 Orchard Hotel
Simon Fraser local n/a n/a
Tab Atkins local
Tantek Çelik 2019-02-25 local home UA2123
Tess local n/a n/a
Daniel Bates local n/a n/a


  • Christian Biesinger (Google)
  • Chirag Desai
  • Mason Freed (Google)
  • Morten Stenshorne (Google)
  • Sean Voisen (Mozilla)
  • Lukasz Zbylut
  • Daniel Holbert (Mozilla)
  • David Grogan (Google)


  • Dael Jackson
  • Dirk Schulze
  • Brad Kemper ☹️
  • Chris Lilley & Lea Verou (visa issues ☹️)


  • CSSWG GitHub Code of Conduct, Tantek (per examples of abusive comments on Scrollbars)
  • List topic here (link to issue), Your name


Monday morning


=(at 11am)=

Monday afternoon

Resize Observer Breakout
Selectors again
Resize Observer
  • Summarize breakout discussion
  • (if times allows:) CSS Tables spec methodology, frremy
  • getting images' aspect ratio right from html attributes, fantasai (intro)

Tuesday morning

Resize Observer

Tuesday afternoon

  • High Contrast, Rossen + Melanie (Tues)
3D breakout 2-3pm
UI continued

Wednesday morning

SVG breakout 9-10am

Wednesday afternoon


  • dholbert is missing Monday, so bias layout topics to Tues/Wed
  • High Contrast on Tues
  • Eric is in Sydney, so schedule Error Recovery for an afternoon.
  • rego is leaving early (after lunch) on Wednesday.
  • smfr would prefer to avoid Wednesday
  • GregW will be out most of Wednesday
  • ChrisL in Europe, so prefers color, fonts, and graphics/paint issues mornings
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