Seattle F2F 2014

Dates: 2014 January 27-29 Organizer: Sylvain Galineau, Adobe


  • The SVG WG meeting will be held at the same location on the same day. January 29 (Wednesday) is currently planned to be a joint day where everyone shares the same room.
  • Microsoft is hosting a Seattle Test the Web Forward event on Sunday, January 26. Sign up at if you can attend.
  • There's a Seattle web dev meetup on Wednesday, January 29th. Sign up at

Meeting Minutes

Monday, 27 January:

  • Part I, Variables, Masking
  • Part II, Syntax, Shapes, Serialization
  • Part III, Shadow DOM
  • Part IV, Transitions and Animations
  • Part V, Propdef Tables, Grid Layout, Issue Tracking
  • Part VI, CSS3 Backgrounds, CSS2.2, Counter Styles, -webkit-print-color-adjust
  • Part VII, Selectors, Display

Tuesday, 28 January:

  • Part I, Media Queries, Baseline Grids, currentColor
  • Part II, Reversed Lists, Transforms, Display Module, 9-slice recap
  • Part III, Fragmentation
  • Part IV, Flexbox, <br>, Serialization and Shapes
  • Part V, Regions

Wednesday, 29 January:

  • Part I, Page Selectors and Groups, CSS2.1, Region Styling
  • Part II, Scroll Snap Points
  • Part III, will-change, Blending and Compositing
  • Part IV, Masking, Gradients, SVG Text Fills
  • Part V, Media Query Macros, CSSOM Value API
  • Part VI, Custom Filters, SVG Hover Effects


Adobe Seattle, 801 North 34th Street

The main entrance is in the north-east corner of the building.

Meeting room: Adobe U, first floor straight through the double doors after the reception, take a right at the end.

Dial-in info:

  • Toll-free (US/Canada): 1-855-870-5454
  • International dial-in: +1-408-773-6768
  • Conference code: 9939150137
  • For a toll-free number in your country, contact Sylvain Galineau

Parking: the visitor parking lot is on the East side of the building, under the Aurora bridge. (Nearly straight when you drive down the ramp from 34th St). Reception will give you a pass to hang from your mirror.

Weather Forecast: °C or °F


(Alphabetical by full name.)

Name Representing Arrive Leave Hotel Flight Info Notes
Alan Stearns Adobe (host) (host) home N/A
Bert Bos W3C 25 Jan 30 Jan Hampton Inn Seattle-Downtown KL6033 12:05 / KL6032 13:20
Brian Birtles Mozilla 29-jan 31-jan Courtyard Marriott ?
Cameron McCormack Mozilla 28-Jan 01-Feb Courtyard Marriott AS223 22:58 / AS460 10:45 Low carbohydrate options preferred (i.e. meats, cheeses, salads, most veggies good), but don't make too much special effort.
Chris Lilley W3C 24-Jan 01-Feb 11th Avenue BnB UA6249 16:14 / BA48 18:10 arriving SFO>SEA
Daniel Glazman Samsung 25-jan 29-jan Courtyard Marriott AF3622 12:40pm / AS226 08:30pm
Dave Cramer Hachette 24-Jan 30-jan Courtyard Marriott UA408 12:06pm / UA278 11:10am
Dirk Schulze Adobe 24-Jan 31-Jan Courtyard Marriott No idea arriving FRA>SEA
fantasai Invited expert 26-Jan 30-Jan TBD United
Florian Rivoal Invited expert 25-Jan 1-Feb Courtyard Mariott FI681 4:40PM / FI680 3:30PM
Glenn Adams Cox phone only
Israel Hilerio Microsoft home N/A
Jacob Goldstein Adobe 26-Jan 31-Jan
Kazutaka YAMAMOTO NTT 26-Jan 30-Jan The Edgewater NH1178/NH1177
L. David Baron Mozilla 26 Jan 29 Jan Courtyard Marriott UA1581 20:10 / UA6367 19:31
Leif Arne Storset Opera 25 Jan 29 Jan Courtyard Marriott UA 1088 20:42 / WN 601 19:30 No onion, limit garlic and wheat. (Intolerance only, not an allergy. I.e. don't worry that I'll die if there's a mistake.)
Matt Rakow Microsoft home N/A
Peter Linss HP 26-jan 01-feb Courtyard Marriott UA6249 04:19pm / UA816 01:10pm
Philippe Le Hegaret W3C 26-Jan 29-Jan Courtyard Marriott UA1075 18:18 / UA0408 12:56
Rik Cabanier Adobe (host) (host) home N/A observer
Rossen Atanassov Microsoft home N/A pescaterian
Simon Fraser Apple 26-Jan 29-Jan Courtyard Marriott AA227 /AA226
Simon Sapin Mozilla 26-jan 30-jan Courtyard Marriott AA6929 2:50pm / BA48 6:10pm
Steve Zilles Adobe 25 Jan 29 Jan Marriott Courtyard United
Sylvain Galineau Adobe (host) (host) home N/A
Tab Atkins Google 25-Jan 29-Jan Courtyard Marriott Amtrak in (~8:30pm) / Alaska 226 (8:30pm) out
Taichi KAWABATA NTT 25-Jan 29-Jan Marriott Lakeside ANA NH1078/NH1077
Tantek Çelik Mozilla 026 029 Courtyard Marriott VX748 20:05 / VX759 19:05 20:05 :-( Pescetarian. No goat cheese (Intolerance only, not an allergy. As Leif said.)
Koji Ishii Invited expert 25 Jan 30 Jan Hampton Inn Seattle-Downtown DL580 16:45 / DL9091 7:20


  • Anton Prowse
  • Lea Verou




  • Variables - what's left before CR?
  • Masking - remaining issues, LC/CR
    • <shape-box> for clip-path ok?
    • bounding-box/bounding-client-rect as reference box
    • Fragmentation defined by box-decoration-break properties
    • mask-box or 9-sliced-image function
  • Syntax 3 CR
  • Shapes - remaining issues, LC/CR
  • Update on Shadow DOM Styling spec





  • Fragmentation
    • background positioning/sizing on auto height and variable width fragments
    • fragmentation of borders with border radius going to the next fragment
    • specify transform-origin on fragmentation (follow up previous resolution)
  • Flexbox - remaining issues, LC
  • Shape serialization




  • Blending/compositing, CR (FX day)
  • Masking - remaining issues, LC/CR
    • userSpaceOnUse for HTML (FX day)
    • New boxes (possibly SVG specific) viewport, stroke-box (FX day)
  • fill/stroke with background syntax (FX day)
  • Proposal: ability to specify gradient midpoints (Rik)
  • Custom media features
  • Tab's topics:

Transport to/from Airport

Traveling options to/from Sea-Tac Airport include:

  • The Link Light Rail departs every 7.5 to 15 minutes depending on the time of day. The trip takes about 40mn end to end; the fare is $2.75 one way. This will get you to the Convention Center station, which is 3 miles south of the Adobe office. From the last station (Westlake), it's about a 2km walk to the Courtyard Marriot.
  • Taxi fares from the airport to downtown run around $50 + tip on average.
  • Uber users pay $50 flat for a black car.


Travel to/from Adobe

  • At 3.8 miles the waterfront Marriott is the furthest from the office.
  • A number of buses - 26, 28, 40 - can be taken from 3rd & Virginia downtown to Fremont. Ride time ~20-30mn depending on traffic. One-way ride fare is $2.50.
  • Uber/UberX, Lyft and car2go are also available in Seattle.
  • This being Seattle, bike rentals are available.
  • Bus travel from Courtyard Marriott
    • The 40 and 62 buses travel stop within a block from our office, leaving on Westlake Ave. across from the hotel.
    • Both buses will stop right before the Fremont bridge (“Westlake Aly” stop).
    • Only the 40 crosses the bridge and stops at N 34th St.
    • If you get off before the bridge - or right after - the quickest way to Adobe is to start walking across the bridge then down the staircase to the canal bank. These staircases are located right after the blue towers on each side of the bridge. Watch for bike traffic both on the bridge and on the trail at the bottom of the stairs.
    • Fare: $2.50 at peak time, exact change upon boarding.

Group dinner

* This will be held at hunger a couple of blocks from our office on the evening of Tuesday 1/28/2014.

Proposed topics for the meeting

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