Paris F2F August 2017

Meeting Minutes


Mozilla Paris, 16bis Boulevard Montmartre, 75009 Paris, France

See Mozilla Paris wiki for important directions on finding and entering the space


Name Arrival Departure Hotel Flight info and notes
Alan Stearns 28 July 5 Aug AirBnB
Benjamin De Cock 2 Aug 5 Aug Millennium Opera Hotel Thalys
Bert 31 Jul 4 Aug Hôtel Joséphine Train (Gare de Lyon)
Brian Birtles 30 July 2 Aug Hôtel Saint-Marc JL415/416
Daniel Glazman N/A N/A home N/A
Dave Cramer 1 Aug 5 Aug
Dean Jackson 1 Aug 4 Aug Walking, Swimming, Crawling
Emil A Eklund 1 Aug 5 Aug W Opera TBD
Eric Willigers
fantasai 31 July 6 Aug AirBnB
Florian Rivoal AirBnB Train
Francois Remy 31 July 4 Aug AirBnB
Geoffrey Sneddon 31 Jul 5 Aug Mercure Paris Opera Louvre (Probably some Eurostar)
Greg Whitworth
Ian Kilpatrick Lundi Samedi ??? Stallion
Jack Moffitt
Jen Simmons 31 July 5 Aug AirBnb BA304 (from London) / BA 8003
Jet Villegas 28 July 5 Aug AirBnb TBD
Koji Ishii 31 July 5 Aug TBD TBD
L. David Baron 28 July 5 Aug Hôtel Acadia - Astotel Eurostar 9032 / UA 984
Melanie Richards 28 July 5 Aug Hotel Athenee AF3653 / AF3622
Myles C. Maxfield Eiffel Tower Submarine
Naina Raisinghani
Peter Linss 31 July 5 Aug AirBnB Eurostar
Rachel Andrew 30 July 5 Aug BA315/BA314
Rob Flack 31 July 8 Aug Hôtel Flor Rivoli AC880/AC881
Rossen Atanassov 1 Aug 5 Aug hotel uber
Simon Sapin home
Surma 31 Jul 5 Aug Millennium Opera Hotel BA336/BA335
Tab Atkins 30 Jul 5 Aug AirBnB FI548/FI549
Tantek Çelik 2017-08-01 2017-08-10 AirBnB UA990/UA984
Till Schneidereit

(alphabetical by given name)


  • Chris Lilley (no travel funding)
  • Lea Verou (speaking in Australia)
  • Dael Jackson
  • Hiroshi Sakakibara (my first baby will born) 🎁
  • Jihye Hong
  • Simon Pieters


Name Arrival Departure Hotel Flight info and notes
David Grogan (Google) 1 Aug 4 Aug
Fred Wang (Igalia) 1 Aug 1 Aug
Sergio Villar Senin (Igalia) 1 Aug 1 Aug








Proposed Agenda Topics

  • Informal breakout on difficult sizing issues?
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