New York City F2F August 2022

  • Host: Google
  • Location: 22 Thompson Street, New York, NY 10012
  • Dates: Monday 1 August - Wednesday 3 August 2022
  • Video link information:


In-Person Participants

In order to minimize COVID exposure, we will be catering all meals on-site. Please list all dietary restrictions in sufficient detail so we can accommodate.

Name Arrival Departure Hotel Dietary Restrictions Flights or Other Notes PCR Date
fantasai local local local I'm in charge of food, so gimme all the notes and I promise you'll have nice food 7/29
Tab Atkins 7/30 8/4 on-site omnivore, prefer vegetarian
Rossen Atanassov TBD TBD on-site pescatarian
Chris Lilley 7/31 8/3 Four Points Sheraton omnivore, prefer lower-carb and higher-protein BA189 / BA172 30 July, Negative
Lea Verou 7/31 8/3 Four Points Sheraton omnivore, prefer lower-carb and higher-protein 30 July, Negative
Jen Simmons local local local (too long to list)
Florian 7/31 8/4 on-site omnivore BF720 / BF721 Negative (2022.07.30)
Alan 7/30 8/5 Four Points Sheraton omnivore 7/29
Bramus 7/30 8/5 Hilton New York Fashion District Hotel omnivore UA9929 / UA9928 2022.07.28
Miriam Suzanne 7/31 8/5 Four Points Sheraton vegetarian WN1185 / WN955 Negative, July 30
Cassondra Roberts 7/30 8/3 Four Points Sheraton Vegan (+ fish & honey), strong dislike of mushrooms D4787 / D4647 7/29 (myself, husband, & our travel companion all returned negative results)
Emilio 7/30 8/4 on-site omnivore 7/30
Una Kravets local local local
Brian Kardell 7/30 8/4 local omnivore 7/31 negative

Virtual Participants

Please list your availability in NYC time (morning/afternoon/all or specific time ranges). See Time Converter

Name Timezone EDT Availability Other Notes
François Remy CEDT Morning and afternoon Unlikely to be available on the last day
Daniel Holbert PDT Afternoon I'd like to present/gather-feedback-on (passing theming colors/etc into SVG images)
David Baron America/New_York about 8:45 until 17:30 in-person unlikely but possible
Oriol Brufau CEST Morning and afternoon In and out depending on agenda
Jonathan Kew UK/London Morning and afternoon Not full-time, will flex depending on agenda
Rachel Andrew UK/Bristol Morning and early afternoon Will likely be in and out depending on agenda
Adam Argyle PDT Morning, afternoon, evening
Vladimir Levin EST All
Chris Harrelson PDT Can appear when necessary
Peter Linss PDT Afternoon
Alison Maher PDT Afternoon Attendance dependent on agenda
Yehonatan Daniv IL/Tel-Aviv Morning and afternoon In and out depending on agenda
Daniel Libby HST Afternoon
Rob Flack EST All Unlikely to make Monday - Canadian holiday
Rune Lillesveen CEST Can appear when necessary
Bobby Jo Steffl CDT Not Tuesday between 12:30pm & 1:30pm CDT
Dan Clark PDT All except Wednesday afternoon In and out depending on agenda
Khushal Sagar Tue/Wed all day
Megan Gardner Afternoons Highlight API issues in afternoon
Simon Fraser PDT PDT-friendly times


Name Excuse
Mike Bremford On an actual holiday
Cameron McCormack
Dael Jackson Life gets in the way of typing sometimes

Pandemic Protocol

Remember you are responsible for keeping yourself AND OTHERS safe.

  • You must be vaccinated to the maximum eligible extent to attend.
  • Avoid close contact with people outside your household for 3 days prior to travel. Close contact means:
    • occupying the same air space indoors without an N95-equivalent mask
    • extended conversation at close distance outside
  • Wear an N95 mask during travel. Keep it on 100% in the airport; have your drinks and snacks in-flight on the airplane only.
  • Do not dine indoors after you arrive (not even breakfast). There's plenty of outdoor seating in NYC; pick a venue whose seating is actually open to the air.
  • Wear an N95/KN95/KF94 mask in all public indoor spaces (even though others might not).
  • Get a PCR test before you show up on Monday. If you didn't need to get one before travel, get one here in NYC.
  • You will take a rapid test every morning. They're roughly $10 at the local pharmacies.
  • Depending on the state of the pandemic, we might all take a PCR one of the mornings.
  • Our meeting space has windows! We will be keeping them open for cross-ventilation. Be prepared for hot humid weather! Also be prepared for A/C because lots of buildings in NYC will be robustly cooled…
  • Jen Simmons will dictate our masking policy. :)

NYC PCR Test Sites

Your most convenient options include:

1-2 day turnaround, outdoors on the sidewalk all over the city, no lines, limited weekend hours:

1 hour turnaround:

Proposed Topics

Venue pictures

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