New York F2F May 2015

  • Host: Bloomberg
  • Dates: Monday-Wednesday, May 18-20, 2015
    • Note that the weekend after the meeting is a holiday weekend in the USA (the following Monday is Memorial Day)

Meeting Minutes

Monday, 18 May:

  • Part I, CSS Break, Communicating the State of CSS
  • Part II, Grid Issues
  • Part III, Pre-Wrap and White Space Processing, CSS 2.2
  • Part IV, CSS Zoom, Scroll Snap Point Behaviors

Tuesday, 19 May:

  • Part I, Writing Modes
  • Part II, text-decoration-skip, Box Percent Sizing
  • Part III, font-display-loading property

Wednesday, 20 May:

  • Part I, CSS UI 3, Publication of Specs that Use Their Own Properties as Examples
  • Part II, CSS UI 4: user-select, CSS UI 4: caret styling, Future Meetings
  • Part III, position-fragment
  • Part IV, Flexbox Order Accessibility
  • Part V, Font Loading
  • Part VI, load/check FontFaceSet, Carto CSS


  • Bloomberg NYC: 731 Lexington Ave, New York, NY
  • You want the court yard entrance
  • Upon arrival your badge should be at the front desk (you will need to show a passport or driving license)
  • WIFI BGuest Login will be printed on the back of the badge
  • Map Options (in no particular order)

Meeting Room:

  • 28 MPR B (28th floor)
  • Take elevator to 6th
  • Walk over to elevator bank with 23-29th floor
  • Take elevator to 29th floor, walk past the pantry to the stairway
  • Walk down to 28th floor stairway (take a left)


  • Driving is not recommended - use public transit instead


  • Average High: 71°F (22°C)
  • Average Low: 55°F (13°C)
  • Weather Forecast: °C or °F

Dial in

+1-212-617-1960 for New York, +44-20-7330-7700 for London, +81-3-3201-7040 for Tokyo. PIN 295109


Andrey Rybka


Please, put your Full name (need this for badges please) in this table if you plan to participate:

Name Arrival Departure Hotel Flight info and notes
fantasai Elika Etemad day before day after couchsurfing Amtrak
Florian Rivoal May 16 May 21 Airbnb SK907/SK908
Chris Lilley 16 May 21 May Days Hotel Broadway LH404 / LH401
Simon Fraser 17 May 22 May Ace Hotel VX22 / VX29
L. David Baron May 14 May 20 with relatives AF6 / Amtrak
Peter Linss May 16 May 22 Hilton Garden Inn UA1116 / UA1261
Dave Cramer May 18 May 18 day trip Monday only
Ian Kilpatrick ??? ??? ??? ???
Rossen Atanassov ??? ??? ??? ???
Jet Villegas ??? ??? ??? ???
Greg Whitworth ??? ??? ??? ???
Tab Atkins May 16 May 21 Airbnb AA1063 / 673
Bert Bos May 16 May 20 Airbnb AF8702/AF8703
Simon Sapin May 14 May 20 Airbnb AF6/AF7
Shane Stephens May 18 May 20 ??? ???
Bo Campbell May 17 May 21 Hilton Mid-town ???
Tantek Çelik May 18 May 23 ??? UA760 / UA257
Johannes Wilm ??? ??? ??? ???
Lea Verou May 16 May 21 Airbnb BoltBus
Daniel Glazman May 13 May 20 ??? AF008/AF009
Steve Zilles May 14 Mat 20 Residence Inn Midtown East United


  • Tantek Çelik - regrets for day 1. Will be there days 2-3.
  • Dave Cramer - will be there on Monday, regrets for days 2–3
  • Simon Pieters (might be able to call in)
  • Alan Stearns - will lurk on IRC
  • Hyojin Song - will lurk on IRC
  • Anton Prowse
  • Dael Jackson
  • John Daggett

Visa Requirements

Travel to/from airport

All Transportation Options

Subway Map

Some helpful mobile transit apps with offline capabilities

  • NYC Bus & Subway
  • Others search for NYC Transit


Search near 731 Lexington Ave, New York, NY

Some decent sites to book hotels (address & dates pre-filled for some which support query strings, sorted by distance):

Airbnb (Bert, Florian, Lea, Simon, Tab) booked from the 16th to the 21st. One free spot during 16-20 if we squeeze, more free spots on 20-21.



  • Bloomberg Guest network will be available throughout the building. Password will be printed on the back of the badge.


  • You should be able to use your credit card pretty much everywhere
  • Most street vendors only take cash
  • Checks are not generally accepted





NovemberProject New York City (#NP_NYC) organizing a running/exercising workout every Wednesday and Friday

Wednesday: 5:28am and again at 6:28am

Friday: 6:28am

  • Location: Battery Park - look for the people wearing NovemberProject t-shirts, running clothes


Monday morning

Monday afternoon

Tuesday morning

Tuesday afternoon

  • box-percent-sizing a.k.a percent resolution for top/bottom paddings and margins (added by ?)
  • font-display-loading property (Font Loading) [Tuesday late afternoon, jdaggett/heycam dial-in]

Wednesday morning

  • CSS-UI Level 3 (last?) review before CR (please read the draft) (added by Florian) [Preferably Tuesday or Wednesday]
  • CSS-UI Level 4 (added by Florian) [Preferably Tuesday or Wednesday]
  • PROPOSAL: “The CSSWG produces drafts that often use new CSS features for live examples, and thus such CSS Validator errors MUST NOT block publishing of such drafts.” The hope is that by resolving on this publicly as a group, we can reduce some of the human-to-human bottleneck in getting drafts published using the current process, and provide a strong case for Echidna dropping or modifying its automatic requirement for CSS validation.
  • Future meeting dates

Wednesday afternoon

  • position: fragment (added by ?)
  • CSS Flexbox Order accessibility issues / scalable solutions (added by Bo Campbell) [Preferably NOT first thing, Monday]
  • CSS content visibility to AT and testing (added by Bo Campbell) [Preferably NOT first thing, Monday]
  • transitions
  • load/check methods of FontFaceSet (Font Loading) [Tuesday late afternoon, jdaggett/heycam dial-in]

Wednesday Night IndieWeb Meetup

Unofficial - but everyone is welcome:

IndieWeb Homebrew Website Club meetup TONIGHT

For hacking on and/or discussing doing stuff using your own website - identity, posts, etc.

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