How to host a CSS Working Group meeting

(See also the general "Hosting W3C Face to Face Meetings." and F2F Illustration)

To host a CSS meeting, you MUST provide:

  • A meeting room where the group can meet, without needing to sign any NDA or other agreement.
  • Chairs for people to sit in and tables for them to put their laptops at (which SHOULD be arranged in a U shape) such that the participants can easily hear each other speak
  • electricity for everybody's laptops (probably assume greater than 1 device per person average)
  • network connectivity that allows at least access to Web, IRC, and email, and preferably also skype/VoIP
  • A projection screen easily visible from all the chairs, and preferably to which anyone in any of the chairs can project from their seats
  • Either a whiteboard or flipchart that people can draw on, also visible from all the seats.
  • Telephone access, preferably a multi-microphone conference phone, tested in advance to make sure audio works in both directions (is this a MUST or a SHOULD?)

All of the above should be ready to go by 9am on each meeting day.

You also SHOULD provide:

  • food and drinks for during the meeting (or have them otherwise reasonably available): mid-morning coffee break, lunch, mid-afternoon break, and MAY also have breakfast available. You should reasonably accommodate vegetarians, such as having eggs during breakfast to provide non-meat protein. Accommodating other food restrictions is desirable if possible. (More details here.)
  • natural light in the meeting room (which helps people who are jetlagged)
  • a meeting space that does not permit smoking indoors
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