Hamburg F2F May 2012

  • When: Wednesday 9 May – Friday 11 May
  • Flipboard photos from meeting: part1, part2

Meeting Minutes

Thursday, 10 May:

Friday, 11 May:




  • FX task force meeting with the SVG Working Group (use FX wiki for agenda items)


  • Transforms
  • Transitions
  • Animations



  • CSS3 Flexbox


  • Future Meetings (15 min)
  • Style Attribute Spec (15 min)
  • Testing (15 min)
  • Box Alignment (30 min)
  • Grid Template (1 hr)
  • Fonts (1 hr)



  • XSL-FO (1 hr)
  • Regions (1 hr)
  • Exclusions (15 min)
  • Page Templates (30 min)
  • Box Generation (30 min)


  • GCPM (30 min)
  • CSS3 Fragmentation (30 min)
  • CSS3 Text LC (1 hr)
  • Writing Modes (30 min)
  • Line Layout (1 hr)
  • Values and Units (1 hr)

Left Overs

  • Prefixes
  • Device adaptation
  • Media Queries level 4: discussion ideas and direction for the next level of the spec
  • Spec stylesheet
    • Use of alternate stylesheet
    • Changing default font
  • CSS3 Syntax
    • Tab started working on it again. Briefly discuss plans and make sure no one hates it. (20 min)
  • Parsing scientific notation in CSS (1 hr)

Proposed Topics

  • Prefixes and how to prioritize specs with heavy -webkit- prefix adoption.
    • CSS3 Transforms: resolve issues - what's blocking LCWD?
    • CSS3 Transitions & Animations: resolve issues (at FX joint meeting) - what's blocking LCWD?
    • FPWD CSS3 text-size-adjust
    • Time limit discussion to avoid ratholing?
  • Box generation: should we have a module to allow CSS box generation? (15733)
  • CSS3 Fragmentation: 1 issue + republication
  • CSS3 Flexbox LC:
    • resolve all open issues
    • request for early in the F2F, so edits can be made and approved by the end of the week
    • estimate 2 hours, with maybe 1 hour follow-up later in the week
  • CSS3 Text:
    • prepare LC: resolve or assign actions to all open issues - < 40 min, excepting any text-transform flamewars ;) suggest for Friday
    • resolve @text-transform and text-transform: full-size-kana
  • CSS3 Values and Units CR:
  • CSS3 Writing Modes:
  • CSS3 Grid Template:
    • Present a new syntax that merges templates and grid layout (15-20 minutes).
    • Discuss the design choices and the features: which are in, which are out, which are for level 4… (90-100 minutes).
  • CSS4 Grid Template:
    • region-based styling, chaining regions, grid templates for paged media…
    • maybe be a subtopic of a larger topic about advanced layout, page templates, learning from XSL, needs of the publishing industry, etc., with help from Liam.
  • CSS Page Templates Proposal: Issue 15187 and Issue 15186
  • Advanced printing controls from XSL-FO
  • GCPM: Page and column floats, alternative syntax, publish WD
  • CSS Regions:
    • Issue 16858: should elements be disallowed as regions
    • Issue 15832: Discussion region-overflow
    • Issue 16636: should we re-introduce region-order? Should be possible with the region processing model
    • Issue 15734: @region and specificity
  • CSS Exclusions Issues
  • Device adaptation
  • Media Queries level 4: discussion ideas and direction for the next level of the spec
  • CSS3 Fonts:
  • CSS Line Layout Module
  • Testing:
    • Exchanging reviews on tests
    • Testing hackathon in SF
    • Multicol test suite
  • CSS style attribute spec to PR (5 minutes)
  • Future meetings
    • Offer to host F2F meeting in September (Andreas Neumann, proposal)
    • March 2013 Tokyo
  • Spec stylesheet
    • Use of alternate stylesheet
    • Changing default font
  • CSS3 Syntax
    • Tab started working on it again. Briefly discuss plans and make sure no one hates it. (20 min)
  • Parsing scientific notation in CSS (1 hr)


Name Representing Arrive Leave Hotel Flight Info Notes
Glenn Adams Cox May 8 May 12 East UA1687/908, UA59/1002
David Baron Mozilla May 5, 7:30am May 12, 11:20am Hotel am Holstenwall Novum Hamburg Mitte CO74, LH3274
Rik Cabanier Adobe May 5, 11:45am May 12, 8:45am KLM 1779 / KLM 1778
Edward O'Connor Apple May 6 May 14 25Hours Hotel HafenCity UA0954 UA9238 / UA9045 UA0901
John Daggett Mozilla May 7 May 11 AirBnB apartment in Ottensen JL407/JL408
Vincent Hardy Adobe May 3rd May 12th East ??
Dirk Schulze Adobe May 6th May 13th East ??
Molly Holzschlag W3C Invited Experts Not able to attend
Peter Linss HP May 8 May 12 East UA9238 / UA75
Luke Macpherson Google ?? ?? ?? ??
Liam Quin W3C May 8, 9:10am May 12, 11:20am City Hotel Monopol LH 2704 / LH 3274
Steve Zilles Adobe ?? ?? ?? ??
Florian Rivoal Opera May 8 May 12 Hanse Clipper Haus ??
Bert Bos W3C May 8, 14:05 May 12, 11:35 Motel One Hamburg-Alster LX1056 / SN2624
Daniel Glazman Disruptive Innovations May 8, 5pm May 12, 9:40am Hotel Lafayette AF2310/1411
Alan Stearns Adobe May 7th May 12th East
Sylvain Galineau Microsoft May 8th, 9pm May 11th, 3pm Radisson
Tab Atkins Google May 6th May 13th Clipper Elb ?
fantasai Mozilla 1:10pm May 8th 9:35am May 12th Clipper Elb LH455 / LH12 LX1051 / LX38
Koji Ishii Invited Expert 5/8 5/12 Imperial Hamburg KL862+KL1783, KL1782+KL863
Shane Stephens Google May 7th May 12th Hafen Hamburg ??
Jet Villegas Mozilla May 6th May 12th Grand Elysse Hamburg ??
Chris Lilley W3C remote
Ren Ando Rakuten/Kobo 5/9 5/12 Hotel Aachener Hof Novum Flight Info: BA 006, BA 972, LH 3274 Plan to fly from Hamburg to Nice to attend Advisory Committee Meeting.
Håkon Wium Lie Opera


  • Tantek Çelik
  • Anton Prowse


Where: google map Adobe Hamburg Office Description

 Adobe Systems Engineering GmbH 
 Große Elbstraße 27 
 22767 Hamburg (Altona-Altstadt) 
 Tel.0049 40 306360

NOTE: There will _not_ be any issue with registration since the room is outside the restricted area.

Room: Elbe (with Wifi access) booked from 8:30am to 8:00pm.

Registration: TBD

Weather: Hamburg weather

Hosted Dinner

There will be a hosted diner on the night of the joint FX Task Force meeting at La Vela: - La Vela, italian place right downstairs from the office (Pete knows this well). This would avoid any logistical problems. .


Ideally, the SVG WG members not attending the CSS WG meeting would stay at 
the Clipper Elb and the other members at the Hafen Hamburg or the East.

We have blocked a number of rooms, the detailed hotel information is below.

  - Park Hyatt, Hamburg (reservation name Adobe)
  4 single rooms from 06th May – 13th May 
  The price per room and night is:
    06th May-11th May 235€
    11thMay -13th May 320€
  - Hanse Clipper Haus (reservation name Adobe group reservation)
  10 rooms from 6th May until 11th May 
       (5 Junior-Suites price per night 97€ and 5 Maisonette Suites price per night 107€)
  - Hafen Hamburg (reservation name Adobe060512)
  15 Single, 140 €
  - East (reservation name Adobe)
  3 rooms 175 €
  2 rooms size s 160 €

  - Clipper Elb Lodge (reservation name Adobe 33360)
   IMPORTANT NOTE: Only for May 6th to May 9th
   3 superior suite suites 112 €
   2 juniur suite 106 €
   IMPORTANT NOTE: Only for May 9th to May 11th
   5 superior suites 112 €
   3 junior suites tes 106 €
   2 executive suites 118€

Hanse Clipper Haus

Clipper Boardinghouse GmbH & Co. KG
Ditmar-Koel-Straße 1
20459 Hamburg
Tel 0049-40 37696-0

Hyatt Hotel, 220 Euros (incl. breakfast)

20095 Hamburg
Tel.0049 40 3332 1234

Hafen Hamburg

20459 Hamburg	
Tel.0049 40 31 1130
Mail: info@hotel-­	

Clipper Elb Ledge

22767 Hamburg
Tel.0049 40 80 9010	
Mail: info@clipper-­	


Simon-von-Utrecht Strasse 31
20359 Hamburg
Tel: +49(0) 40-3099-30

Hamburg Port Anniversary information

Transport to/from Airport

  • Taxi recommended

WARNING: There will be a detour because of the Port Anniversary (see above) so maybe the prices for the taxi drive are going a bit up!

  • Public transport

The S-Bahn runs every 10 minutes from the airport of Hamburg to the city centre ( called: Hauptbahnhof ) in just 25 minutes. The price for a one-way-ticket is 2,85 € or you can chose an All-Day-Ticket for 6,95€ or a 3-Day-Ticket for 16,85€ per person. For more information: To go to the East-Hotel you can also use the S-Bahn but then you have to go to the station “ Reeperbahn”, it is about 10 minutes longer to run but it is the same line ( S-Bahn No.1 Direction to Wedel or Blankenese).

Hamburg Subway

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