A Coruña F2F June 2024

  • Host: Igalia
  • Location: A Coruña, Galicia, Spain
  • Dates: June 11-13
  • Times: 10am-6pm


  A Coruña, Galicia, Spain
  Igalia office
  Rúa de José Luis Bugallal Marchesi, 22

If you're in A Coruña on June 10 or 14 (the days before and after), you’re welcome to come to the Igalia office and work from there.

If you're already planning to get flights and hotels, you should know that we have a discount for F2F attendees at the nearby Hotel Avenida (https://www.hotelavenida.com/en/). This is the hotel we use frequently and it is very convenient to the office. June 10 and 11 - only accommodation 52€ and with breakfast 58€. On the 12th and 13th - only accommodation 72€ and with breakfast 78€. We have requested them to hold 20-25 rooms for us and would need names if you would like us to get them held with reservations (payment due at the hotel). Please contact us or note it in the wiki page as soon as possible if you believe that sounds good.

We can also provide childcare if needed. Feel free to contact us or note that in the wiki page.

Note that Igalia is also organizing the Web Engines Hackfest the week before, on June 3-5, also in A Coruña. You can find more info at https://webengineshackfest.org/. I know some of you are attending or speaking at CSS Day, which would make it harder to also attend the Web Engines Hackfest, but it would be great if you could make it.

The Web Engines Hackfest website also has travel instructions to get to A Coruña, although that event takes place at a different venue.



In-Person Participants

(alphabetical by first name)

Name Arrival Departure Hotel Dietary Restrictions Flights or Other Notes
Alan Stearns TBD TBD Hotel Avenida
Alison Maher June 10 June 14 AC Hotel A Coruña
Andreu Botella TBD TBD Hotel Avenida
Brian Kardell TBD TBD Hotel Avenida pescatarian
Chris Lilley 8 June TBD Hotel Avenida childcare requested
David Baron Monday 10 June, 11:50 (LCG) Friday 14 June, 8:35 (LCG) Hotel Avenida no red meat UA260+UX7231, UX7232+UA261 (map)
Emilio Cobos TBD TBD Hotel Avenida if possible, TBD otherwise
Eric Meyer TBD TBD
fantasai 6/10 6/14 Hotel Avenida gluten-free appreciated
Florian 2024-06-10 2024-06-14 Hotel Avenida omnivore AF0291+AF1400+train / train+AF1001+AF0292
Javier Fernandez TBD TBD Local
Joey Arhar TBD TBD Hotel Avenida
Kevin Babbitt 9 June, 16:25 13 June, 21:10 AC Hotel A Coruña
Khushal Sagar TBD vegetarian
Lea Verou 8 June TBD Hotel Avenida (with Chris) childcare requested
Luke Warlow TBD TBD Hotel Avenida pescatarian
Miriam Suzanne TBD Hotel Avenida vegetarian
Noam Rosenthal TBD TBD Hotel Avenida
Oriol Brufau TBD TBD Hotel Avenida
Rachel Andrew TBD
Roman Komarov TBD TBD Hotel Avenida
Tab Atkins-Bittner TBD
Yehonatan Daniv 10 June 14 June Hotel Avenida
Zoe Lilley-Verou 8 June TBD Hotel Avenida (with Chris) not a WG member

Virtual Participants

Please list your availability in Spanish time (morning/afternoon/all or specific time ranges). See Time Converter

Name Timezone CEDT Availability Other Notes
Daniel Holbert PDT TBD
Stephen Chenney EDT 12:30 - 18:00
Bramus CEST Business Hours



Jen Simmons — this is scheduled for the same time as Apple's biggest event of the year

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