A Coruña F2F January 2020

Logistics / Registration



Wednesday Morning

Wednesday Afternoon

  • Support pathLength via CSS — request from SVG WG for CSS WG to sign off on a new geometry property (pending review of implementability, as discussed in the issue) (tab, others?)

Thursday Morning

  • TRIAGE ALL THE SPECS - What needs publishing? What's blocked? What has outstanding edits needed? Let's get things up-to-date.
    • FPWD!!!!! resize-observer, mediaqueries-5, css-transforms-2, css-conditional-4, css-highlight-api-1, css-color-5, anything else?

Thursday Afternoon

Friday Morning

Friday Afternoon


* Please schedule motion topics in AM (Eric will dial in)

* Dialog positioning, mouseWheel (and maybe vhc unit) at a US-friendly time for smfr

* cbiesinger has to leave a bit early on Friday, please schedule intrinsic size before that

* chrishtr will be able to dial in at 4:45pm or later on Friday for the intrinsic size discussion

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